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Shoot Me, Orlando! Hitkrant (The Netherlands), August 31, 2002
Translated by Lenny, visit her Orlando site.

Here he is: Legolas Greenleaf of the movie Lord of the Rings. Can't wait to see the Two Towers? This week you can read everything about the elf with his bow and arrows. His real name: Orlando Bloom.

H.K: You appear to have had some bad luck during the filming of Lotr?

O.B.: Shit yes! During the horse riding I fell off the horse and broke a rib. Nothing happened, I just took some medicine for the pain, and the day after I was filming again.

H.K.: And did you fall off a balcony when you were 21 years old?

O.B.: Jee, you know everything! Yes, that's correct. I fell three floors down and when I woke up in the hospital my back was broken. The doctors thought I would never walk again. I'm o.k. now, I have a lucky elf to protect me! Do you have any more gossip?

H.K.: Yes, we do. Do you all have a tattoo to remember LOTR?

O.B.: That's another piece of gossip I can confirm. Except John, who played Gimli, everyone has a tattoo of an elvish sign. Mine is on my upper arm. I already had a tattoo: a sun on my belly.

H.K.: Everyone knows a lot about your character Legolas, but who are you?

O.B.: I lived close to London for years. Although I moved to L.A., I still visit London a lot. My family still lives there. I went to America for my acting. First I did some workshops, after that I signed in with different casting agents and in 1999, when I was 22, the role of Legolas was offered. Eventually, it took us two years.

H.K.: You have a very cool role (Legolas).

O.B.: I really liked my part. Legolas is not just cool, his movements are smooth, like a cat. It was almost a ballet. Ian McKellen, Gandalf, thought I was the best Elf ever created. I walked around in a fantastic tight costume, but I would do it all over again!

H.K.: 18 months of hard work and now you have more time to spend with your girlfriend?

O.B.: Ha! You don't think that I'm relaxing right now?! I have to do a lot of promotion for LOTR. I had a girlfriend during the shooting of the film, but the distance was too big.  We broke up and now I'm happy single!

H.K.: Next to Frodo ,you grew out to be one of the hunks of LOTR. In real life you look totally different. Who do your fans love, Orlando or Legolas?

O.B.: I think they love both. I receive many letters and I notice many fans really loved LOTR. They really take my role seriously. Someone wrote "shoot me Legolas" because she thought I carry my bow and arrows in real life. However, it's a fantasy film, I think the best. And if someone feels the need to fantasize about me, go ahead!