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Orlando Bloom: Sexy Pirate, Hitkrant (The Netherlands) Nr. 34, August 23, 2003
scans and translation by Lenny of Bloomania

This interview is very likely made up!

Playing an Elf or a pirate; Orlando Bloom always looks good! In December he will return as Legolas in Lord of the Rings part 3, but now you can enjoy this megahunk in Pirates of the Caribbean!

Hitkrant: Playing a pirate, isnít that every little boyís dream?

Orlando: ďit was mine, as a little boy I watched pirate movies every sunday morning. I imitated those movies afterwards. And when they asked me for POTC I didnít hesitate for a moment. Where do I have to sign??!, I said before I read the script. And later I found out that Johnny Depp was in POTC as well.

Hitkrant: Are you a fan of Johnny Depp?

Orlando: Johnny is my role model since I was a child. He's not only the most handsome actor there is, but also the most talented. Every part of him is special, he isnít acting, he becomes his character.

Hitkrant: Did you get special training to be a pirate and for this film?

Orlando: I was trained in sword fighting. Johnny says in the movie: You are pretty good with a sword and I answer him: yes, I practice three hours every day. I had to practice a lot to be as good as I claim in the movie.

Hitkrant: In contrast to Johnny Depp, you are not really dressed as a pirate in the movie, did you regret that?

Orlando: I was kind of jealous because everybody wore beautiful pirate clothing and I wore the same outfit constantly.It would have been fun to have a pair of golden teeth and to wear wigs, but I only had extensions to make my hair longer. Well, eventually I have nothing to complain about, I get the girl!

Hitkrant: You mean Keira Knightley?

Orlando: Yes, she is Elizabeth Swann the girl with whom Will Turner has been in love with his whole life. Keira is very talented and an incredibly beautiful girl. Normally the kissing scenes are embarrassing because of all the people around you, but it was very special with Keira. We completely went up in our kiss and forgot the whole world around us. The director had to stop us. This probably was because of all the rehearsing on a deserted islandÖ

Hitkrant: Excuse us, did you had a private kiss with Keira on a deserted island?

Orlando: We were there for filming and it was such a romantic place that I felt the need to practice the kissing. No, seriously, it was work, I have this cute girlfriend. Maybe you know her, her name is Kate Bosworth and she plays in the movie Blue Crush.

Hitkrant: Of course we know her, we even know that the two of you have wedding plansÖ

Orlando: Thatís rubbish, we've only known each other for about six months. I know where those rumours come from, I recently gave her a golden necklace. But there were no special intentions, I like giving beautiful gifts to people I love.

Hitkrant: What was the coolest scene to play?

Orlando: Stealing the Interceptor! You can see Johnny and me steering the ship, just the two of us. There were a lot of crew members hidden, but Johnny had to steer all by himself. At one moment I looked over my shoulder and saw him with his golden teeth, at the steering wheel. I felt like a real pirate for one moment.

Hitkrant: Is it true that you almost fell of the ship once?

Orlando: Yes, thatís a funny story. Before that I had to do a dangerous scene, hanging on the ship at sea.I was relieved that wefinished that scene and stepped on the ship, not knowing that the floor was slippery. So I fell and nearly fell off the ship!

Hitkrant: To end this interview, please tell us something about Troy, the movie with Brad Pitt.

Orlando: Brad is, just like Johnny Depp, one of my heroes. I really looked forward to working with him. I understand why women like him, because heís so sexy that it would make every man jealous. In Troy I play the part of Paris, the anti-hero. And I have a different haircut again, but this time I look like Jack Osbourne