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Orlando Interview, Hitkrant (The Netherlands), December, 2003
translated by Jorien

Who is the hottest Elf of this Earth? No, guys, itís not Liv Tyler, we asked the ladies and they knew the answer: ORLANDO BLOOM! He was in a very good mood, when Hitkrant talked to him in New York!

Youíve given 2 years of your life to make The Lord Of The Rings Ė trilogy. How do you look back on that?

I donít regard anything of course, because they were the most fantastic years of my career. Well, careerÖ Iím just a starting actor. The Lord Of The Rings was my first opportunity to experience that world (the world of acting?) so I took that chance with both my hands.

You played Legolas very well, like a real Elf. How are you like a real Elf?

Me? Iím pretty positive and happy in life. I donít smoke anymore for a while and I donít drink, so according to that Iím getting pretty close, aren't I?

You look very different as Legolas and after part 1 of The Lord Of The Rings you were hardly recognized by people. Is that different now?

Yes since Pirates Of The Caribbean it is. Oh well, apparently they saw me as a dumb blonde, didnít they? And there a lot of them, haha! No, seriously: because I played two tough roles in The Lord Of The Rings and in Pirates IĎve had much more attention so I get recognized more.

Do you like that?

I talked about that with Johnny Depp once. I said to him: ďisnít it crazy how much actors and actresses get paid so much these days?Ē And then he said: ďIf you see how much of your privacy you will have to give up, youíll talk differently !Ē I donít really mind getting recognized by people. As long as it stays nice and it still is to me. I donít get followed or something that often. They donít dig in my private-life and lets keep it that way! I really want to keep my privacy.

In every movie you play in you have a sword. Is that on purpose?

Haha, no, really no. I donít ask a director: ďI get to have a swordscene, right? No? Oh, then I wonít do this movie!Ē Of course, it is cool to do, but a hot lovescene is too!

Didnít you prefer that?

Haha, I knew that would be the next question! UhÖ well, no, it doesnít have to for me. Else they will get a whole other picture of me. There are enough pornoactors, arenít there?

But would you be naked for a movie?

Totally naked? That doesnít have to happen anymore in big Hollywood movies, right? No, if it is a ďwhat-if-questionĒ, I will say: I wonít do it. Why not? Sure, I will show you something, but until here and not any further.

Awwwww, then just your buttÖÖ.

Just for a momentÖÖÖÖ

Well, I think showing your butt is very different than showing your front side. Butts are more common, I would say it like that. Different subject! 

Okay, okayÖ What will we see of you after The Lord Of The Rings?

I think Troy will come out in the Netherlands, wonít it? I play in it with another big hero of mine, Brad Pitt!

And Brad is, just like Johnny Depp with who you were in Pirates, a colleague-hunk of yoursÖ

I donít see myself yet as a true hunkÖ A true hunk is someone who is hot for women from 8 till 80 years old. Brad and Johnny are, but Iím not yet. And it doesnít interest me at all. I didnít become an actor hoping they would think Iím hot.

What will you do if you donít get any roles offered?

Again, Iím really happy in life, but if I canít get any roles anymore, I want to work behind the scenes or I would go working at a shootingclub again. Haha, that was my first job. It was very healthy, it was outside. Maybe I will just put on my blonde wig again and give classes shooting with a bow and arrow! Really, then I could make a lot of money!

Hundred years from now you will still be a hero, thanks to the three parts of Lord Of The Rings. How does that feel?

Unexplainable, really I canít explain it. Iím very proud of it. A couple of months ago I had to do a couple of new scenes for part three in New-Zealand. That was again very emotional for me. I donít think anything like that will happen again to me. And itís an honour to me that Iím a hero in this movie. I used to watch heroseries on tv when I was little like The A-team and Knight Rider. Back then I already wanted to be like those leadactors. And I already did that a little. Didnít I?