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Wanted: Girlfriend for Legolas, Hitkrant (The Netherlands), January 18, 2003
translated by Lenny of Bloomania

Sorry Elijah but Orlando Bloom as Legolas is the hottest hunk in Lord of the Rings. And he is still available and looking for a girl. "Do you know a nice girl for me?Ē

Excuse us, canít you, being a superhunk, find a girl for yourself?

ďWell, thatís not so easy as it seems. Iím always working or traveling and most girls donít accept that. They want you to be around every weekend. Of course, many girls offer themselves but they only like me because of my part as Legolas. I can see right trough thatí.

Okay, we'll give you the space for an addÖ

ď(Laughs) Iím not that desperate!ÖLetís seeÖ Iím sweet, a little bit mysterious and very romantic. When I really like a girl, I do the craziest things for her. I flew all the way to Dubai for a woman, once. Just to date her one evening. I also sent a girl that I liked, a plane ticket to come and visit me. Fortunately, she came!

Did she like you in real life?

She did yes, but sometimes I really disappoint people.† Women expect a blonde god, because of Legolas, but it is a wig.† In real life my hair is short. And Iím happy with that, because people donít recognize me very much. I can walk in the streets peacefully.

Did your life change a lot after Lord of the Rings?

Yes, sure, many things changed.†I get a lot of offers and the opportunity to do the things I always liked. Consequence is that Iím almost never at home. But my spare time off, I spend with my family and friends. I still do the things I always did, that didnít change very much.

And what do you do on a day off?

I love walking at the beach, I love music, especially Irish folk music and Iím addicted to sports. Iím an adrenaline-junky, nothing is dangerous enough! When filming LOTR in New Zealand, I went rafting, skydiving, surfing and did my first bungee jump. I knew I was afraid, but that was the kick!

So, you are just as tough as Legolas! Are there any other resemblances?

ďElves are phenomenal, it would be a too great of an honour to compare myself with them, but there are some characteristics that I share with him. Although he already lived for 2931 years, Legolas keeps a natural innocence. I also have that. And he is kind of naÔve and I was too when we filmed LOTR.

How do you feel about suddenly being a hunk?

ďIím honoured but it didnít change my life very much.† I receive lots of fanmail and I try to answer as much as I can, but I really donít have much time. My mother often calls me to tell me whatís on the internet about me, but I donít know anything about computers and Iím not very interested.

We can look forward to the third movie of LOTR, but for you the adventure is over. Do you miss the fellowship?

ďYes, I really miss my buddies. We worked closely together for 14 months and now itís over. You are always close with the people on the film set, but it will never be the same as it was with LOTR. We all share a tattoo, the Elvish sign for nine. The job may be done, but the friendship will stay forever!!!