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All the Orlando Facts, Hitkrant (The Netherlands), September 17, 2003, nr. 38
translation by Lenny of Bloomania, scans by Nathalie

[Some of the info listed here is a bit off]

All the Orlando Facts (Just for the superfans!)

 Do you want to know everything about Pirates hunk Orlando Bloom? Then read this article fast, because we dragged him off his pirates ship and asked him every small detail about Orli…

Name: Orlando Bloom

Nicknames: Orli, O.B.

Named after: the hero of the book by Virginia Woolf, Orlando: a biography

Date of Birth: 13 January 1977

Place of Birth: Canterbury, Kent (England)

Length: 1.80 meter

Hair colour: brown

Colour of eyes: brown

Parents: his father Harry Bloom was a famous writer, lawyer and anti apartheid activist who died when Orlando was four years old. Later Orlando found out that Harry was not his biological father. That is Colin Stone. Orlando’s mother Sonia had a talent school and helped him with his acting career by entering him in poetry contest and bible readings.

Sister: Samantha, she is two years older.

Pet: a dog named Maude. When Orlando is filming, his mother or sister take care of his dog.

Girlfriend: actress Kate Bosworth

Tattoos: a sun on his belly and an elvish sign on his upper arm.

Always wears: a copy of the original LOTR ring that was given to him on the set

Annoying habit: biting his nails

First job: shooting clay pigeons

Advertised for: Gap

Diet: Orlando didn’t eat meat or dairy products, but stopped this diet to look healthier as Legolas.

Favourite food: pasta, pizza, rice and vegetables and baked potatoes

Dislikes: computers, he doesn’t understand computers

Favourite colour: yellow

Favourite soccer club: Manchester United

Favourite sports: extreme sports

Favourite music: Folkmusic, David Gray and Bob Dylan

First album: Michael Jackson

First concert: Jamiroquai in Canterbury

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Daniel Day-Lewis

Favourite type of women: kind, nice girls

Broken: his back, multiple ribs, both legs, his wrist, several fingers and toes, his skull

Near death experience: his fall off a balcony

Want to write: Orlando Bloom c/o Aleen Keshisian, The Firm, 9100 Wilshire Blvd, suite 400 West, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA.

You can see Orlando in: POTC, LOTR, BHD, Wilde

Films to expect: Ned Kelly, the Calcium Kid, Troy