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Star of the Month, Hitkrant (The Netherlands), February 2004
scan and translation by Lenny of bloomania.com

Orlando Bloom 13 January, 1997 


Itís quite difficult to have a relationship with Orlando. He is a very closed person, just like many people with the sign Capricorn. If you ever succeed to hook up with Orlando, it may take a while before you get to know him well. A Capricorn likes to know for sure whether his new love is a real love. Maybe that is the reason why Orlando keeps his girlfriend Kate a secret.



Orlando is very ambitious, we can conclude that looking at his films. No slapsticks or stupid action films, but good films that everybody is talking about for years. A Capricorn is not interested in hypes and fashionable things. They prefer to give their attention to things they can use to make profit or to get power. Be careful when you are around Orlando!



Most Capricorns earn a lot of money. Orlando gets most of his salary for acting in films, but he is not a big spender. He just buys a ticket to the U.S. to visit his girlfriend Kate when he has been away for filming or buying a house in London. Orlando feels like he has worked enough in the last couple of months and likes to relax in London.



His family was his main reason for becoming an actor. With his cousin, Orlando watched a film with Paul Newman and knew immediately what he wanted to be in the future. For most Capricorns family is very important. They are very good parents and proud of their children. Thatís a promise for when Orlando and Kate are going to start a family.



We can state that things will go very well for Orlandoís career! After the big success of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, he spends his time working on films like Troy, Kingdom of Heaven and part two of Pirates. According to the stars everything will only get better for Orlando, so we will be enjoying this hunk for a long time. However, Orlando doesnít want to focus on acting only, he will also produce the film Haven and play a small part in it.