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Orlando Bloom, Hitkrant (The Netherlands), May 15, 2004
translated by Faye, scan by Lenny of bloomania.com

"I wish I had the body of Brad Pitt..."

Nice muscled men in short skirts. Troy is our favorite movie already! And it gets even better, because the biggest hunk among hunks Orlando Bloom is one of the leads.

Who are you in Troy?

I'm Paris, the Prince of Troy. I steal Helen, the wife of the Greek king, and our love will eventually cause a complete war. It has become a cool movie, some kind of Gladiator-hit about Greek heroes. And again I play, after being with Johnny Depp in Pirates, with one of my big heroes, Brad Pitt!

Yes tell us, how was that?

Brad in an amazing guy. He devoted himself completely to the movie and his enthusiasm was contagious. I read in a tabloid that he would have used steroids to get more muscles for this movie. What bullsh*t, he practiced till he dropped. Have you seen his body, this guy really doesn't need steroids, I wish I had a body like Brad's...

Did you and Brad hang out a lot after shooting?

I went out with him a couple of times and it's amazing what kind effect he has on people. In Malta we had dinner with the whole cast and afterwards I walked out of the restaurant with him. The whole street was full of hundreds of screaming girls. They all wanted to touch him, but Brad stayed cool and said: "Keep on walking Orli, if you don't it'll be risky."

If you keep it up like this they'll be screaming for you too...

Yes, I'm beginning to notice. I get stared at in the grocery store and girls begin to follow me. Weird, cause I don't see myself as a sex-symbol. What I do like is that I get so much fanmail. Girls write that they think I'm sweet. It's all very sweet.

Do you respond to your fanmail?

I have a team of people to answer my mail and once a week I help them write letters a couple of hours and sign photographs. I wish I could do everything but then I would have to clone myself and I don't think that's wise. Though some girls might think differently, haha.