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Orlando Bloom, The Ideal Boyfriend!, Hitkrant (The Netherlands), May 22, 2004
scans and translation by Sandra

8 reasons to have Orlando as a boyfriend


You could just "eat" him up.

That is something that we knew already but in his new role in Troy Orly is more beautiful than in all his other movies. He is sexy with his curly hair, nice brown tan and a gorgeous trained body. He said that he does nothing special to look like that. "I look like that when I'm waking up every morning." "That's very nice Orlando, can you perhaps wake up like that in OUR bed?"


Orly goes all the way for the one he loves.

"I'm very good boyfriend," he said, "but I'm very intense. When I fall in love with a girl, I'm going all the way and shower her with my love. Not all the girlfriends I had could handle that. I love crazy and spontaneous surprises and will do everything to keep the relationship interesting." But you don't have to be afraid that this hunk would suffocate you with his love. He claims to be very relaxed and to encourage his girlfriend to do her own things.


Orly stayed normal.

He may be a famous star right now, but he's still the guy he always was. "I still bike around through London and I still live in the same neighborhood before I became famous." Unfortunately he won't take you to the hottest parties. "I don't like them at all, I'd rather go do nice things with my friends and family." The wildest stories are written about him, and that can't bother him. "They write that I have played in movies that I have never heard of and that I'm dating women that Ive never met before in my life. It's nice that they tell me those things that I did not know yet. Hahahaha."


Orly is a cutie!

No, those are not our own words (but we agree on that point). Those are the words from his co-star Eric Bana from Troy who calls him an absolute sweetheart. "He was so interested in everybody on the set and he watched out foreverybody if they were treated alright." Also his other co-star Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean said: "He's really a nice guy, and he has not a mean bone in his body."


Orly has balls.

He may be a nice guy, but he is no wimp. When he was 20 years old he broke his back from a fall from a window and the doctors thought he could never walk again. "I didn't want to believe that so I worked really hard to get on my feet again. I was in a lot of pain, but I knew I could do it and two weeks later I walked smiling out of the hospital. Ever since I've been a little bit more careful. I know now that I'm fragile, hahaha."


Orly likes shopping.

Yeah, they are rare but there are guys who like to shop. Orlando is one of them. He likes nice clothes and goes shopping with his sister. His sister helped him with his clothes when he was younger, and she shopped in second hand clothes stores. "The girls at my school always told me that I looked nice." Now he shops together with his girlfriend Kate and she said that Orlando is spending more time in a fitting booth than she is.


Orly is a real daredevil.

He calls himself an adrenaline junkie. The more dangerous the sport, the greater the kick is for Orlando. Snowboarding, surfing, skydiving, and bungeejumping are his favourites. During the taping of LOTR in New Zealand he did a lot of sky-diving. "I wasn't allowed to do that, because the risk was to great that I would get injured, but they couldn't stop me." said Orlando. He did also some risky surfing when he was taping for Troy. The set people of Troy weren't to happy about that.


Orly is a great kisser.

That's what his co-star Keira Knightley said. She had a hot kissing scene with him in Pirates of the Caribbean. "I forgot that I was acting, hahaha." Also his co-star in Troy Diane Kruger who gets to kiss Orlando said, "He is a passionate kisser!" But we would like to say: We want to try first and then believe it. Who will volunteer?