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Pirates of the Caribbean, HUMO (Belgium), June 2003
translated by Janneke

Concept: Pete the Pirate
The Story: the feared Captain Barbossa steals the ship of the charming pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and attacks the town of Port Royal. There he kidnaps the daughter of the governor. Her sweetheart, a young black smith, together with the adventurous Sparrow, borrows the fastest ship of the British Fleet to pursue her. But Barbossa isn't only mean and dangerous, he and his crew are living dead that change into skeletons at night.
The Actors: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Jonathan Price and Keira Knightley
The Director: Gore Verbinski
In Theaters: 13 August
All hands on deck, because: Depp in the deep is something that we don't want to miss. Bloom is in full bloom; after his appearance as Legolas in "Lord of the Rings", he will be seen in "Ned Kelly" with Heath Ledger and in "Troy" with Brad Pitt. Not too bad for a 26 year old from Canterbury! Gore Verbinski is the director of "Mousehunt", "the Mexican" and "the Ring".
Not even with a knife on our throat, because: The cloak and dagger genre is as dead as Erroll Flynn. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer got his inspiration for this movie from a Disney World attraction. Depp only took the job, according to him, because he wanted to be in a movie that his kids could go see