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My Favorite Things, J-14 (US), February 2004
scans by Jen, typed by Julie

Just the sight of Orlando Bloom can make a girl weak in the knees. But when he shares what hes passionate about, Orly gets even more swoon-worthy!

His Family
Im on the phone with my mom Sonia and my sister Samantha at least once a week. The first thing I always want to know is how our dog Maude is doing. I work so much that I only rarely see them.

His Lucky Charm
I have a little blue lapis lazuli pyramid. I always put it on my bed table. The stones are supposed to bring wisdom to their possessor.

Extreme Sports
Im a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I love crazy, slightly outrageous stuff, like bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing, that sort of thing. I love really mad sportsI went bungee jumping off the highest point in New Zealand like six times.

Meeting His Celebrity Crush
When I was a boy, I was in love with Linda Evans from Dynasty. My aunt works in publicity in New York, so I got the chance to meet her when she went to shoot a commercial there. She signed a photo for me. I was so excited---I still have it!

Im picky when it comes to food---as long as theres no meat in it. When I go to eat, I mostly have pasta of pizza. When Im in the I.S.,I order baked potatoes with a large portion of sour cream. And then I love something none of my friends can understand: oatmeal---and not only for breakfast, but in the evening in front of the TV.

When you start falling for somebody and you cant stop thinking about when youre going to see them again, I love that!

Type of Woman
I am more interested in unassuming girls than those who draw attention to themselves.

My biggest idol is Johnny Depp! When I heard that he was starring in Pirates of the Caribbean, I nearly had a fit. Im also crazy about Edward Norton---I could watch Fight Club every day.

As a kid, I was a total fan of the Stephan King flick Stand By Me. Now, Im into more demanding films such as Amelie from Montmatre.

His First Car
At 187, I bought my first car: a deep green VW Golf. I bought it for 160 quid (about $230) at an auction. I wish I still had it. I loved that car!

When Im at work, I drink a lot of coffee to keep myself awake. At home, I always have some Dr. Pepper cans in the fridge.

I love shopping---its like therapy. I love buying clothes or antique things that you could only find at flea markets.

My favorite brand is GAP. I even did a commercial for them. With shoes, theres nothing like Converse Chucks.

Uhh, yes, socks! I have many pairs of socks---yellow, red, green. And some of them glow in the dark!