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Orlando Bloom, J-17 (UK), January 2003
scan from Charlotte

We couldn't mention the new LOTR movie without saving some drooling space for the phwoarr-some Orlando. He's bloomin' beautiful as blond elf Legolas on the big screen - but he's even more adorable in the flesh. Believe! Like any true movie star, 25-year-old Orlando is an extremely busy boy, but he very sweetly set aside five minutes for a chat with J17. (Ohh, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!)

Getting the part of Legolas was a bit of a result...
Yeah! I was totally over-excited. That was one of the most exciting points of my life. It was my first job. I'd just finished my three years' training at drama school, so I was really happy to have gotten that role.

We bet you were! You must have been nervous though...
I remember my first day - the nerves, the excitement and the anticipation. My first day of filming was with an Elvish line and Elvish is quite hard to grasp as a language! But I had got into the skin of the character so I was prepared for it.

What's the best thing about your job?
I feel very lucky to be an actor and that I'm being paid to get dressed up. It's a great job but there's always a price to pay.

What (or who) do you most miss when you're away working?
Not much really. I miss my family and friends more than anything. But I do miss Marmite, and I always get that and music sent over to me.

Why are you wearing bright yellow socks today?
I just like yellow socks. I have orange, green and blue ones. They show up in the dark!

Is it true that you're single right now?
Yes. Do you know anyone who'd be interested?


Hmmmmm, might do!

- The Lord of the rings: The Two Towers hit cinemas on 18 December. For more about the film, and the boys, visit the site: www.lordoftherings.net.