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Orlando Article, J-17 (UK), March 2003
typed by Shelly

Who nearly fainted when they copped an eyeful of Orlando out of costume? Well, we certainly did. With his short black hair and dark, intense eyes, he looks nothing like 'The Lord of the Rings' blond, blue-eyed Legolas Greenleaf- the role which first got the dreamy Kent lad noticed. And since Legolas launched him from Middle earth to mainstream, Orli's set himself up for a a long career in movie land. Still, it was the athletic warrior with his cute, pointy ears who won our hearts and will always have a place there. A 2931 year old long-haired elf who lives in the trees wouldn't usually get us going, but any girl worth her weight in drool will agree he's the best-looking elf ever to be captured on camera. And it's all thanks to Mr. Bloom's, er, talents - that tall frame, those muscular legs that look mighty fine in tights, and those razor sharp cheekbones. Ahh..... "Elves are cool" reckons Orli, the sports fanatic "I have a great job. I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around with a bow and arrow for 18 months." A great job? It's Bloomin' marvellous!