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Bloom is Back!, J-17 (UK), October 2003
typed by Claddagh for ka-Bloom

It's safe to say that Britain's very own babe, Orlando, has definitely made it into the Hollywood A-list. Not only did he rub shoulders with Johnny Depp in his last film POTC but this month he joins Aussie legend Heath Ledger in Ned Kelly. We always knew he was tipped for big things.!

So, how was releasing your inner pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean?

I used to play pirates in the backyard when I was a kid. But I'm not really into games. I mean, I never play video games and that kind of stuff. a lot of actors do that in their downtime on sets but I don't.

How do you feel that kids are playing you as Legolas in video games?

It makes me a little nervous actually.

Did you grow up in a showbiz-type of family?

Yeah, my mum really encouraged the acting. She got me involved in this acting group where I did Bible and poetry readings. I used to do quite well in that and it gave me a taste for the limelight. I must have loved the attention when I was little! (laughs). Then, I did school plays when I was at school. I did Pirates of Penzance actually at my school in Canterbury.

How does it feel when you see posters of yourself in the street?

It's weird, I mean I'm in the business because I love the work. I love the acting part, but they have to promote the films and so that's just a part of it I guess.

Do you feel detached from it?

A little bit, sometimes. I think that unfortunately people like to get caught up in the drama of the person's real life and my life is so less interesting than the characters I play. It's like "do me a favour, if you want to talk about something talk about those characters". My life is so boring in comparison!

Your life sounds glamorous!

Believe me, it's not! (laughs)

You have, not so glamourously starred opposite Johnny Depp and now you're shooting Troy, with Brad Pitt. Does it get better than that?

I know, I feel really lucky to be in that position right now because as a young actor I get to witness first-hand how they go about doing what they do. As a young actor I would watch Johnny's and Brad's films and go Wow that's the stuff to do! And now I can pick their brains about how they go about maintaining their cool.

What advice have they given you?
They have both told me to not go for the money and to listen to my heart. People want to throw a lot of money around I this business and they've warned me not to sell out or else further down the line I'll end up regretting it.

You're making big bucks. What have your spend your money on?
I've bought a nice watch that I'm really happy with., I bought a home for myself in England that is great. Aside from that I kind of waited for a long time to spend some money. I mean I haven't bought a car yet. I haven't really been extravagant. I'm still figuring it all out. It could all suddenly go away and I have to pay off my house first.

Are you still dating Kate Bosworth (from Blue Crush)?

I don't really talk about that. You know how I was talking about all that stuff before? Well, now I've learned to keep quiet about it. (J17 spotted Orlando with Kate just before our interview in LA so you can come to your own conclusions girls!)

Would you like to work with her one day?

I think I'd like to keep everything separate. Like I don't talk about my family and stuff too because it's not really interesting.

What about luck.. do you believe in that?

Oh definitely. About four years ago I fell three stories out of a window and landed on a roof terrace. I crushed one vertebrae and fractured three others. The doctors told me I'd never walk again. But I had an operation and two weeks later I walked out of the hospital on crutches. I was laying in bed seriously coming to terms with the fact that I may never be able to walk again. I reckon I have to be the luckiest guy out there!"

Ned Kelly is out on 26th September