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Orlando Bloom Hides a Family Secret, Joepie (Belgium), August 2003
translated and scanned by Dorothy

'The new Brad Pitt', 'the one and only sex symbol', 'Leonardo Dicaprio's successor',... Since 'Pirates of the Caribbean' has been released, the British actor gets a lot of compliments. But like he cares. When we meet him in a London Hotel, he's hardly impressed by all the bother.

Typical! Like a real star Orlando is too late for our 'date'. His sexy eyes give away the reason. Had a rough night, Orli?

Orlando: Yes, you can say that again. Everything ran out of hand yesterday. I went to the premiere of POTC, but at the exit thousands of fans were waiting for me. The least I could do was give them an autograph, they had been waiting there for hours. But I'm thinking of shortening my autograph to 'OB'.

The whole world knows Orlando as the elf Legolas from 'The Lord of The Rings'. Lord of the rings? He looks like one! Two rings on his right hand, a huge one on his left hand. And round his neck three necklaces with a lot of pendants. Gifts from crazy fans? Or a secret admirer?

OB: "No, sorry, these are innocent souvenirs that I've started to collect in the beginning of 'Lord of the rings'. Here I have a handcuff key from New York (innocent?!), a rubbishy thing from India, something from Thailand... If I don't watch out, I'll be walking with my head on the ground within a year!"

Watch your back! Have you had pain or anything like that from the accident a couple of years ago?

OB: "It sounds unbelievable, but no. It's a miracle if you think about the fact I fell three stories down. The doctors thought I would never walk again and look at me now: I ride horseback, fight with swords,..."

Aren't you scared to accept such hard roles? Legolas and Will don't sit still for a minute!

OB: "But I know exactly how far I can go. Besides, if I jump out of planes or go bungee jumping in real life, I can't use my back as an excuse to escape from hard stunts!"

Bungee jumping??? Is that an alternative for a visit to the doctors?

OB: "It doesn't sound quite healthy, I know. And I've hesitated long before I actually jumped. Very long! But you only live once, you better take the best out of life. But I have to admit I can use some rest now. If my next film is about three men playing cards, I won't complain."

Men playing cards? No, you won't, we want sexy guys! In POTC you're playing alongside Johnny Depp and in your next film 'Troy' alongside Brad Pitt. Impressive!

OB: "You bet. Playing alongside such great actors isn't easy. I know Johnny is much better than me, because he makes a boring role into a crazy one. And in POTC you can take the 'crazy' serious. But Johnny is too friendly to be in the spotlight alone. He's often know as the strange wild boy, but that isn't true at all. Johnny just has a weird sense of humor, a british sense of humor. So maybe that's why he's so famous in Europe? And maybe that's why I can get along with him so well?"

And what about your relationship with Keira Knightley, the lady you have to save in the film?

OB: "Fine, Can you believe she was seventeen when we filmed POTC? Wow! It's amazing. And yes, It was nice to be her hero, but I don't just act to kiss girls. Someone even spread the rumour I would do a film for free if I could kiss a girl. Yeah, right!"

Talking about rumours: there is a rumour about you getting along with Kate Bosworth very well.

OB: "Um...No comment."

OK, back to your acting career then: the filming of LOTR is far behind you now, but the third film still has to be released. Are you looking forward to that or are you sick of all the bother around the trilogy?

OB: "I'm definitely looking forward to it. Not for the movie, but so I can see everyone that I've worked with again. After the filming we promised to call each other, but you know how it goes, out of sight, out of mind. The release of 'return of the king' will bring everyone back together again. It was about time."

Before you starred in LOTR, you were unknown in Hollywood, now everybody knows you by name. Do you sometimes think about it?

OB: "If you're being stopped by a group of fans, you have stop at the thought, literally. But I stay calm. Sometimes I can't believe this is happening to me. When I was 16, I left school, because of my dyslexia I couldn't follow anyway. Acting was the only thing I was good at, so I decided to do that, in the hope that I could get some roles in theater plays. But that worked out different."

How does your family respond to your sudden success?

OB: "As calm as me. My mother is used to things like that, because my father (Harry Bloom) was a famous name. Unfortunately he can't go trough this, he died when I was four."

A British newspaper revealed that Harry Bloom isn't your biological father, but Colin Stone, with who your mother had a relationship when your father was very sick. What went trough your mind when you read it?

OB: "Not that much, because I know since I was twelve Harry isn't my real father, but he stays my dad. It is a strange story, but every family has one, right?"