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Orlando vs. Elijah, Joepie (Belgium), December 17, 2003
translation and scans by Anne

This is the way it works:

Elijah and Orlando had a heart to heart talk about the things in life.

After every round you may decide which one deserves the golden ring because you like his answer best.

At the end: count the amount of rings you gave to Orlando and to Elijah and then you’ll find out whether you fit best with an elf or with a hobbit.


Round 1: attraction

Orlando: according to the fashion world he looks good (the gap-commercial) but Orlando thinks that he is just a simple boy. He doesn’t get why so many girls are after him. But when he falls in love it will be with a good looking; well-cared-for girl.

‘I fall for someone who takes care of me’


Elijah: he’s famous, has a huge amount of money in the bank, and he possesses a Ferrari and a BMW. You wouldn’t expect it from him: but Elijah loves speed.

And he also loves girls who love to shop.

‘I love to treat. I love to share my money with others.’

So what's best: to play a nurse or to race in a fast car?

Orlando / Elijah


Round 2: friends

Orlando: while most of the actors try to make some friends in Hollywood, Orlando loves to be with his old friends, who don’t treat him like a star.

‘They would slap me in the face if I would have a haughty manner and they’re right’

Elijah:  he can count Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Kelly Osbourne as his closest friends. He’s invited to every important party. The most importing thing in friendship to him is trust.

‘Real good friends last a life time, so it’s important to maintain them’

Would you love to hang out with Orlando and his friends at home or rather go with Elijah to a fancy party?

Orlando/ Elijah


Round 3: home and family

Orlando:  Orli’s dad died when he was 4 years old. He still has a very close bond with his mom. He gives her every award he wins and his mom puts them on the mantle piece next to the urn with his grandmother’s ashes.

Orlando himself just moved to a house in London, where he wants to recover from all the business around him.

His relaxing method: buying new furniture and watching TV

Elijah: Elijah’s parents are divorced. He still lives with his mother, in a separated guesthouse, attached to his mother’s house.

Elijah has one older brother Zack and one younger sister Hannah.

From time to time, he moves to New York where he tries to make a connection in the music business.

About his dad: Elijah hadn’t spoke to his dad in six years but a few years ago he called him just before Christmas. He did that to get back in contact with his dad.

Orlando can get loose from his mother, Elijah prefers to stay in her neighborhood: what do you prefer???



Round 4: Hobby’s

Orlando:  skydiving, surfing, bungee jumping… In sport: Orlando doesn’t know the word fear.

‘I did the highest bungee jump in New Zealand. (134 meters) 6 times in a row’

Elijah:  Elijah’s spare time is spent totally with music. He owns over a thousand CD’s, plays piano and loves the older work of The smashing Pumpkins and Zwan.

He goes to singing classes and he has set up his own record

Does he still have time left? Well then he reads a book, cooks or you could find him in the middle of his Star-wars stuff.

The sporty guy or the one into music?



Round 5:  brains

Orlando:  on his 16th birthday he was a member of the National Youth Theatre in London. He received a scholarship for the British American Drama Academy. And he studied 3 years at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

He’s also a hard worker because his agenda is filled with rolls in ‘The calcium Kid, ‘Troy’ ‘Haven’ Pirates of the Caribbean 2’ and ‘Kingdom of Heaven’

Elijah: he’s a supporter of going to school as long as possible. He was good in English and History. In the near future you will see him in ‘Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ and ‘Hooligans’.

About his career: ‘there is more in life then Hollywood. If I hadn’t become a actor I would have been a secret agent. Being different then the rest is my goal’

Who gets the highest decoration?



Round 6: muscles

Orlando: 1m80(5' 11") he learned horse riding; sword fighting, archery and canoe for his role as Legolas. On set he did weight lifting. Orlando has a lot of muscle but his body also suffered quite some injuries: he broke his back, ribs, nose, legs, arms, wrist, a finger and a toe.

And he 3 times cracked his skull.

Elijah: 1m68 (5'6") he prefers his couch to the gym. If he’s working out, he’ll choose for rollerblading, swimming or basketball. Beside a beautiful body, Elijah’s has a soft side: when he saw the final cut of Return of the kings, he cried.

The guts of Orlando or the soft side of Elijah?



Round 7: girls and more

Orlando: during the filming of LOTR he broke up with his old girlfriend. He’s been seen several times with Helena Christensen and he has something with ‘Blue- Crush’ actress Kate Bosworth. He bought her a 14-carat golden bracelet.

Orlando says to be like Legolas: ‘ I don’t say a lot but I let my deeds in love speak for them self’

Elijah: there was some mystery about his relationship with ‘The Bourne Identity’ actress Franka Potente. He has been with Mandy Moore. He says that he is not jealous.

You’ll never find me making a scene in public. I keep my discussion private.’

Which choice do you prefer?



Round 8: bad habits

Orlando: from time to time Orlando disappears in his own little world. He’s also a doubter.

‘In life it is like tattoos: before you decided to do it you have to be sure. Cause your decision will last a life time.’

Elijah: he bites his toenails, curses and he never washes his face. But he has his positive sides: I always clean up my mess and I’m a good cleaner.

The daydreamer or the nail-bitter



Round 9: animals

Orlando:  Orlando is crazy about his dog Maude but for the rest doesn’t know that much about animals. He once fled for the sea water, cause he feared that there was a shark. But afterwards it turned out to be a very nice seal.

Elijah: Elijah has 2 dogs, Rascal and Levonne, and he considers animals the same as people

‘Animals are always honest. They would never lie and you can’t say that from people’

 Someone who know nothing of pets or someone who does know something about them?



Now count!

More Orlando then Elijah:

You’re creative, intelligent and sometimes a dreamer. You love to be surrounded by friends, but you’re also happy if you spend the day alone. You’re prefect partner is a boy with a lot of imagination, who’ll take you with him on his trip around the world.

Orlando is some one like that: so if you’re in the Bahamas with him: don’t forget to send a card.

More Elijah then Orlando:

You stand firmly in life and you have a heart of gold.

You love to be in the centre of the attention and you enjoy combing the parties.

You’re perfect date is a sweet, funny and devoted guy, who’ll treat you like a princess.

And that’s a task that fits Elijah!