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"How I am in bed, that's my business", Joepie (Belgium), September 24, 2003
scans by Ellen, translated by Evi

You know him as the elf Legolas from LOTR and the heroic pirate Will from POTC. Orlando Bloom rarely plays regular characters and that's what enlarges the excitement (tension). All over the world girls ask themselves how it would be to have a relationship with their real life idol.

Does Orlando have just as large of a heart in real life as in his movies? Is he sweet? Or arrogant? And what are the things he truly cares for? One thing for sure: he keeps his private business secret. But if you dig deep enough you can get a picture of how it would feel to be Orli's girlfriend. The word 'exciting' will definitely belong because Orlando lives recklessly. He likes bungee jumping, skydiving and likes to loose himself in high waves when he surfs (in a sea full of sharks!)
Orlando: "As a child I thought I was immortal. I didn't know fear and tried everything. Now I know that I'm vulnerable like everyone else, but I easily succeed in pushing aside that thought. I like to feel I'm alive. I kick at the adrenaline rushing through my body."
The consequence is easy to guess: Orli broke his back and legs when he fell 3 stories from a window. He also has broken his arm, nose, a finger, a wrist, 3 ribs, not to mention the 3 times he fractured his skull. And more fractures and bruises are yet to come: in the upcoming movie 'The Calcium Kid' Orlando plays a milk man who builds a career as a ... boxer! The actor is training every day in the ring and went home with bruises several times already.

Sexual preference?
Do these painful situations have an advantage? Crazy enough, they do. The few Orlando wants to reveal about his view on girls is that he likes polished types who take care of him when he's hurt. You don't have to expect a clear answer to the question if he likes girls in short nurses skirts.
Orlando: "What I do in my bed, is my secret. How I am in bed, that's none of the outside world's business. I choose my girlfriends very carefully. I only give myself completely to someone I'm sure of that she is not going to tell every detail of our relationship to the press."
About his so called relationship with Blue Crush actress Kate Bosworth he's silent as the grave. But he did mention that his last relationship ended when he was in New Zealand filming LOTR. This broke his heart but the british star keeps believing in true love.
Orlando: "I'm always in love, with love itself. I love the feeling of loving someone. Falling in love in pure magic. It's heavenly when you're falling for someone and you can't stop thinking about her. I enjoy it when I know I will see her again at the end of the day. I experience the hours, minutes, seconds till we meet very intense."

Girls fan
Yet a romanticist, that Orlando? The well-being of his family and those he cares for comes first, he coddles his dog Maude whenever he can and - of great importance for the one who gets to share his life - he has great (boundless) respect for the other sex. The POTC actor grew up with his sister Samantha under the care of their mother who led a school of language for foreign students. When Orlando's dad died - Orli was only 4 - a guardian took over the role as a father figure, but that man had little influence on the education of his son.
Orlando: "Girls are smarter than boys. I know it sounds crazy from my mouth, but I learned from experience. When I had a problem, my mother or sisters view on the matter was the right one. Maybe it's hormones but women know intuitive how to manage, better than men. I listen to the good advice of my friends, but I always follow the opinion of the most important women in my life."

No interest
End conclusion? Orlando lives without fear, with respect for his girlfriend and a mouth that can keep secrets if there needs to be anything kept secret. Half of the female population would succumb for this type but ...
His negative side, that would be the cause of the break up with his last girlfriend, is that he withdraws into his own world and head. He can shut himself off for hours and at those times mutter uninterested 'hm hm' when his partner asks or tells him something.
Orlando: "It's not my intention to be rude. But sometimes I just have to be alone. If that isn't possible because there's someone around me, I shut myself off psychical. I believe it's some kind of mechanism to survive, even when I'm aware that it's terrible for the person I'm with to talk to a wall. It might seems as if I'm super egocentric, but I really care for the happiness of the people that I love. Except... at those moments that I need for myself. I can't work at that, the silences belong with me."
The total package Orlando Bloom: take it or leave it. You know what you're in for when you try to surrender to him at an unexpected meeting!

Little facts on top of the page:
* He was born on January 13, 1977 as Orlando Bloom in Canterbury (England)
* He's a big fan of Johnny Depp, his co-star in POTC
* Orli cherishes a small pyramid of blue stones that's beside his bed. The thing gives him, so he says, wisdom.
* He is a vegetarian and also a little cannibalistic: Orlando bites his nails!