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My Love is Secret, Joy (Germany), September 2003
translated by Marny, scans by Conny

[note: this interview is likely made-up]

Orlando Bloom (26) about beautiful women, seasickness and flights with Johnny Depp

Joy: Orlando, is it true that you became an actor because you wanted to kiss beautiful women?

Orlando: (laughs) I said that once and since then this is following me everywhere. But I didn't become an actor just because of the kisses.

Joy: But?

Orlando: I wanted to become an actor ever since I realized that Superman isn't real. I love to dress up and become another character. All the better if I get to kiss beautiful women.

Joy: Acting almost didn't happen.....

Orlando: That's true. Five years ago I fell off a roof and the doctors feared I would be paraplegic and never walk again. But they patched me up nicely and two weeks later I could leave the hospital. I'm a person who gets hurt easily. I've broken almost every bone.

Joy: Are you such a dare-devil?

Orlando: Not really. I like to relax with my friends, I read a lot and see every stage play.

Joy: You haven't that much time for that at the moment.

Orlando: I'm almost constantly working since I got cast for the "Lord Of The Rings"-trilogy. It still is like a big dream. At the moment I'm shooting "Troy" with Brad Pitt in Malta. After that, I'd like to take a break.

Joy: To have more time for your girlfriend, "Blue Crush" actress Kate Bosworth?

Orlando: (laughs) Who says she's my girlfriend? We did a commercial for "Gap" together. She's a really sweet girl..........

Joy:  ........and waits in your hotelroom right now!

Orlando: Did you see her running around in the hotel lobby? Sorry, but I don't like to talk about such private things. In this business you have to build a 10 metre high wall around your heart to protect your love. Otherwise you end like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Joy: In "Pirates Of The Caribbean" you act with Johnny Depp. How did you get along with him?

Orlando: Johnny is one of my idols. He has a kind of acting which is inimitable. Brad Pitt is similar. Both are really cool. Even more because they play roles in which they not always look good. I watch them, how they act, I absorb everything like a sponge. They're definitely idols for me.

Joy: On the flight to St. Vincent, where "Pirates Of The Caribbean" was shot, you and Johnny Depp are rumoured to have been drunk....

Orlando: Well, we weren't exactly sober when we landed. But it was a friend of Johnny who was so drunk at the arrival that he crawled out of the plane.

Joy: In Malta, you and Brad Pitt visit the pubs.

Orlando: But so far we left the bars upright

Joy: Did you get seasick while shooting the pirate movie?

Orlando: No, I like the sea, I love surfing which I learned while shooting "Lord Of The Rings" in New Zealand. It was sometimes a bit crowded on the boats and I got agoraphobia.

Joy: Since playing "Legolas" you are considered a sex-symbol.

Orlando: At least it's better than being compared to Quasimodo by the media (laughs). I try not to take it seriously. And I can still walk down the streets without being recognized too often. Most of the people know me as the blonde "Legolas" - and not dark-haired.

Joy: Your father was South-African Anti-Apartheid-Activist and author Harry Bloom

Orlando: He died at the age of 68 when I was four years old. He was a great man, he was in jail because of his fight against Apartheid. I'm very proud of his book "Transvaal Episode".

Joy: Is it a coincidence that you have to fight in every movie?

Orlando: I know. But in "Troy" I play Paris, a lover. I can lay down the bow and arrow - and get to kiss the beautiful Helen.