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Mum gives mural tribute her stamp of approval The Kent Messenger (UK), February 6, 2004

A MURAL of Canterbury-born Hollywood star Orlando Bloom could be created out of stamps from his sackfuls of fan letters.

His mother Sonia Copeland, who helps oversee his fan club from her city centre home, estimated there are currently 160,000 letters to deal with, with more coming every week, and was concerned at the used stamps going to waste.

So she hit upon the idea of capitalising on the Lord of the Rings star's fame to help a local charity.

The stamps are to go to the Strode Park Foundation for Disabled People at Herne, which has come up with the idea of creating a mural with them.

It is a charity close to the family's heart as Orlando, who went to St Edmund's School, Canterbury, broke his back while a student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and there were fears he might never walk again.

The foundation is expert in helping people with back problems.

Mrs Copeland said: "I know Orlando will be delighted that the huge volume of fan mail he receives will be ultimately helping such a worthwhile local charity.

"The idea of using the stamps delights us all."