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Interview and Articles, KISS (Ireland), August 2003
typed and scanned by Carey

Where's Orlando?
In case you hadn't noticed, we're absolutely batty about Orlando. So much so that we've hidden six mini-Orlando's somewhere in the magazine. Spot all six and you could win one of 6 double passes to see Pirates of the Caribbean for free! To enter simply jot down the page numbers where you've found Orli, your name, your age, your address and phone number on a postcard to: Where's Orlando?, KISS magazine, 77 Lower Lesson Street, Dublin 2. Or email your entry to comps@kiss.ie with Orlando in the subject line. (Before you get your hopes up I think it is open only to people living in Ireland, sorry)

PARTY PEOPLE: Pirates of the Caribbean premier. (Disney-America) It's widely tipped that Orlando Bloom is the next Johnny Depp, so what better way to compare the two than in the same movie? Johnny showed up in his usual scruffy but oh-so-hot manner, whereas Orlando went simply casual and succeeded in making every female in the place swoon. We can't WAIT to see it.


Every month the KISS offices are seriously inundated with requests for anything Orlando. Pictures, interviews, fascinating facts- you don't care what it is so long as it's about your favorite Hollywood star. So here you go. Some of the most gorgeous pictures EVER taken of him, some facts that we bet you didn't know (yeh if you lived on MARS the past two years!) and a mini interview. Now, will you please stop harassing us?

Wow, what can we say about Orlando? Is he or is he not one of the finest specimens of manhood to ever grace the Earth? Hell, even when he dons a blonde wig, plastic ears and blue contact lenses in LOTR, he still looks divine. The curly haired, brown eyed babe with the perfectly sculptured face has said he only got into acting to get the girls (he said that that's a lie, wrong info, he denied this already!), and by the looks of things, his cunning plan is working as he's got legions of adoring fans the world over.

Ever since he landed the role of Legolas in LOTR his career has sky rocketed and we're guaranteed to see plenty more of the sexy thesp for some time to come. This month he stars in one of the year's blockbuster movies, The Pirates of the Caribbean- the curse of the black pearl and he's also filmed The Kelly gang with Heath Ledger. Then there's The Calcium Kid with Billy Piper, and let's definitely not forget the next installment of the LOTR. He's currently filming TROY with Brad Pitt and then he's off to do a comedy called The Remains of the Piano (he denied this as well, god! Do these people look up there facts? I think not!). Phew!

So while the boy may be very busy, at least we're guaranteed hours of cinematic pleasure with the hottest guy in Hollywood (at least they got one thing right!). And until you manage to get yourself down to the cinema, here are some interesting facts to keep you amused. Enjoy! ;)

It may be the year 2003 but Orlando is a self-confessed technophobe! He hates computers and has never even sent an email!

The ladeez.
Rumour has it he was engaged to make-up artist (and sis of model, Jodie) Jemma Kidd and linked with Christina Ricci and Joanne Morley. His current squeeze is Blue Crush (that movie sucked and was totally predictable) beach babe, Kate (eat something) Bosworth. Well, he did once say, "I like blondes and nice, sweet girls."

Movie he would most like to make.
Orli would love to make a movie about Photojournalist Dan Eldon, who was stoned to death whilst covering the unrest in Somalia in 1993.

It's just a job but.
"When I look at my career so far, on paper it's amazing. I've got all these skills- horse ridding, archery, sword fighting and to get the opportunity to play an elf, a solider, a boxer and now a pirate- it's every boy's dream. Unbelievable." No, Orlando, you're unbelievable.

Sticks and stones and.
Broken bones! When Orlando's not busy breaking girls hearts he's breaking bones- his own! "I've broken my back, my ribs, my nose, both my legs, my arm, my wrist, a finger a toe and I've cracked my skull three times."

Bad habits.
He has actually quit smoking, which is good. But he's started to bite his nails, although we can definitely overlook this little habit.

While filming The Kelly gang in Oz, Orlando got kicked by a horse, "just above the knee. I was lucky." Yep, he's right, imagine if he'd been kicked in that beautiful face.

Worst job- Clay (pigeon) trapper.
"You know when you go shooting and the ceramic disks fly out and you shoot them? I was that guy who pulled the trap and let go."

Want to catch him then you better take up.
Extreme sports. He loves sky diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing, and snowboarding.

Too good to be true.
Orlando and Justin Timberlake are supposedly coming to Belfast to film a movie called Closing the Ring, in September. The movie is about a US service man who, before being shot down over Belfast, asks a local guy to return a ring to his girlfriend back in the US.

If he wasn't an actor.
He'd be a sculpture, "I did better in sculpture exams for A-levels than I did in theatre studies."

Ugh, don't mention.
Sandflies. "They're probably the nastiest of insects. Their bite is bad and it lasts for ages- horrible!"

Ohh la la.
He speaks French.

Relax, go to it.
Orli got to chill in the sun whilst making Pirates of the Caribbean, "I was brought over early and they didn't need me, so I feel like I've been on a paid vacation."

Liar, Liar.
Orlando told his mum a whopping fib about the tattoo of a yellow sun he got when he was 15. "I sort of lied and told my mum, 'Oh, it's only going to last a couple of years.'" We wonder did he fess up when he got his latest one with the LOTR cast?

He also likes to chill and listen to.
Jeff Buckley, Beck, Ben Harper and Jurassic 5.

Make mine a tofu burger.
He's a vegetarian and stays away from dairy products. (He admits to having one steak a week, it helps relieve him of back ache!)


Does working on an epic like The Lord of the Rings prepare you for anything else Hollywood can throw at you?

'Rings was my first experience out of school, and I was sort of thrown into the deep end. I definitely learned a lot, especially about acting and keeping your character going whatever's happening all around you, and yes, that's useful for a film like Pirates too.

Is it coincidental that you seem to keep doing films with mythical elements and historical settings? Will we ever see you in Nikes and a baseball cap?

My next movie, The Calcium kid, is set in the present. However, I do like slipping into characters that live in these amazing, other worlds and just losing myself in the process.

At least in Pirates of the Caribbean, you pretty much look like your off-screen self, don't you?

Well, my hair really is brown, though I do have extensions. I don't have a ponytail in real life!

Do you think people are going to start recognizing you?

It will be interesting to see. You know, I really enjoyed the anonymity that's come with the LOTR. It's like you get all the fun and excitement of being in a really big movie without any of the undue attention or harassment, or whatever else goes with being recognized in public. On the other hand, I do get spotted now and then.

What by the real LOTR fanatics?

Yeh, people come up and say, "You're that elf dude, right?" I'm amazed when it happens though. The truth is, so far even I hardly recognize myself when I see myself up there on the screen.


Do you fancy the pants of Ashton Kutcher or are you more of an Orlando Bloom babe? Choose your favourite guy form these (the others where Colin Farrell, Josh Hartnett and Ashton Kutcher!) four lovelies and discover how he can help you obtain the boy your dreams! Really!


What he's like: He's everything good rolled into one gorgeous package. Orlando Bloomin' -lovely is not only sweet and sensitive, he's sexy and strong. You could imagine him getting a little teary at a really sad part in a movie (bless him), yet that doesn't mean he's a wimp, No way. When he broke his back three years ago, and doctors told him he might never walk again, 12 days after his operation (which was 6 hours long!) he walked out of hospital.

Determined or what? He's the type of guy who would notice if you got your hair cut, but he wouldn't have a bathroom cabinet full of styling products. Oh, could he be any more perfect? We think not. (I agree- female nation) What it says about you: You're the type of girl who wants it all, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have high standards and you surround yourself with people you can't pigeon hole because they're a mixture of everything you need. Just because you like your guy to be strong doesn't mean he has to be meathead, just because he's sensitive doesn't mean he cries at the drop of a hat. He's a combination of everything, just like you. You also like to surprise people every so often. Yes, you might look like a girly girl with your high heels and lipgloss, but behind that feminine fašade is someone who so isn't a pushover. Just like Orlando ;), your looks can be very deceiving.

How to get him: This guy follows his heart and if it doesn't tell him to follow you, you might not stand much chance. Not the news you wanted to hear, eh? Don't panic love. This does not mean you need to join the nunnery and never look at another boy again. you big drama queen you. Prove to him that there's more than meets the eye. Because he understands emotion, you may be able to win his heart. Even if you don't, you'll probably end up being great mates with this guy. Which is better than nothing.


Who's in it? Orlando Bloom, 'nuff said.

What's the story? Set in the Caribbean Sea in the 17th century, this film is the story of a relatively good pirate (Johnny Depp) who teams up with the daughter of the governor to stop the evil plan of a ship of dangerous pirates. The baddies (Mr. Bloom and co) are trying to reverse an ancient curse that leaves them stuck between life and death. Lots of visuals of skeletons and stuff. Spooky.

Why watch it? Well aside from the fair bit of talent on offer (oh, Orlando!) this has the potential to be quite scary, and you know what that means? The perfect opportunity to ask your date to protect you because you're sooo frightened. Works every time. Aside from that, there are some great special effects on offer and the costume design is brilliant. Oh, did we mention Orlando's in it?

They gave the movie 6 popcorns- the highest rating! In the ratings section, 6 popcorns equals Orlando. 5 equals Jake Gyllenhaal, 4 = Tobey Maguire, 3= Lee Ryan (some boy band asshole!), 2= Tyrone for corrie (or coronation Street, English soap), 1= Jack Osbourne.