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Orlando Alphabet, Kiss Me (Italy), February 2004
translation and scans by Tina

Some of the information in this article is not true.

From Lord of the Rings to Pirates of the Caribbean, the rising movie star, rebel and gentleman, why he is so irresistible, A to Z

A like Amore ( Love ). Orlando is engaged to Blue Crush actress Kate Bosworth. (NOT TRUE)

B like Blue. Orlando accepted to collaborate free of charge on Blue’s video, Guilty. He discussed it directly with Duncan, his good friend. And then because of a stupid obstacle, the collaboration didn’t happen… what a pity.

C like Canterbury. Orlando was born in Canterbury, 13 January 1977, astrological sign Capricorn.

D like Dollars. He is not interested with money. “ I don’t care about the pay, I could work for nothing, if I have interesting scenes with kisses. (NOT TRUE)

E like E mail. He doesn’t use the computers, and never sent an e mail. "I have continuous contact with my friends".

F like Faramir. He auditioned first for the role of Faramir, then New Line brought him back for Legolas.

G like Gay. “I’m not Gay“ said the actor positively. It begin with the line of sir McKellen “I couldn’t miss the party (Lord Of the Rings), and to miss the opportunity to kiss Orlando.

H like Harry Bloom. He is Orlando’s dad. Harry is a militant against Apartheid in South Africa, died when Orlando was four. The son remembers him as a sweet man.

I like incident. He broke his back, toe, rib, his skull three times, both legs ; dangerous style of life.

J like Johnny Depp . Johnny is his costar in Pirates of The Caribbean. He gave to Orlando precious advise about acting “Its not open heart surgery ( acting ), and nobody is going to die. Then you can jump, nothing happens" .

K like Keira Knightley. The actress is named, like Orlando, the next young Brit Star by Tatler Mag.

L like Legolas. "He is elegant like a cat, full of grace and so strong.”

M like Maude his beloved dog, but not anymore because of his many films .

N like Name. Harry Bloom named his son like the main character of the book  “Orlando“  by Virginia Woolf. He is a boy and then a girl during the centuries, immortal. (transforming himself like an actor has to, the name was a good choice wasn’t it?)

P like Paris. Handsome Paris, the boy lover, the hero of Helen, will be the new role of Orly in the epic Troy.

Q like quiz. Do you know the everything about Orlando? go to http://www.hellomagazine.com/specials/12daysofchristmas/index.html  and give your answers to the Hello Orlando Quiz .

R like Romantic “Once I bought a plane ticket for a girl, and I invited her to visit: that’s romantic, isn’t?"

S like Superman “When I was a kid, I went in the park with my friends ( I was nine ) and we raced for the most beautiful girl. I wanted to be like Superman, and when I understood Superman was an actor then decided I would be an actor too“.

T like Tattoo. The sun on the lower torso, the nine ( elf symbol ) on the wrist, and another tattoo but it’s a mystery where it is.

U like Uova ( eggs ). Orlando he doesn't have eggs in his meals, nor cheese. He has an allergy for some foods. ( I don’t know if is that true , the Mag said )

V like Viggo Mortensen. Aragorn in the Lord of The rings “He is a mentor for me. I watch him very closely during the make up sitting , and I was fascinated by him. His way of performing is great.”

W like Wilde. For Orlando, the first movie. His character is a lout, in queen Victorian London.

Z like Zigomi ( cheekbones ) . Orlando admits it's his sexiest detail.