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A Blooming Good Friend from The Mirror (UK), October 9, 2002
scan from Eye of the Beholder

Billie Piper and Orlando Bloom have been getting on like a house on fire since teaming up to star in a British flick called The Calcium Kid.

The 19-year-old wife of media mogul Chris Evans chatted non-stop to her sexy 23-year-old co-star during a break in filming.

Our mole on the set told 3am: "Billie is a big fan of Orlando and she's loving every minute of working with him. They've become really good friends.

"As well as being a really good actor, everyone on the set thinks Orlando is absolutely gorgeous, too."

And who wouldn't?

The handsome young star is currently on a roll after high-profile parts in the Hollywood blockbuster Black Hawk Down and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, where he played Legolas the elf.

Meanwhile, Billie is just happy to finally be back at work.

Since their Las Vegas wedding in May last year, the former pop singer and her millionaire hubby have been doing nothing except having a good time.

But after more than a year of partying across the globe they're both kickstarting their careers again.

It's a hard life...