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Get an Orly Night, The Daily Mirror (UK), April 2, 2003

ORLANDO Bloom has got his hands on American actress Kate Bosworth - and he may have got her into trouble in the process!

The gorgeous star of The Lord Of The Rings has been dating the blonde Californian for several months and met up with her when she flew into London on Monday.

Kate, 20, was doing the publicity rounds all day for her new surfer chic flick Blue Crush - which is out on Friday - and was to join the rest of the cast for a party Monday night.

But the actress was suddenly hit by a mystery illness.

"She rang up saying she was feeling achy and sick," says an insider. "We told Kate to have an early night instead of coming out and partying. She agreed that it was a good idea."

Boy, does that girl recover fast!

Later that evening, Kate was spotted getting uproariously drunk with hunky Orlando at the restaurant in the Covent Garden Hotel.

"She seemed to have made a full recovery - although she was having difficulty staying in her chair," says our spy.

"Orlando was tending to her and was kissing her back to health.

"He then took her back to her room where she must have had a funny turn as she started moaning really loudly."

Good job Orlando was there to administer the kiss of life...