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I Turned Down Orlando!, More! (UK), December 2002
typed by The OB Files, scan from LittleMiss

Clare Brundle, 26, from London, bumped info Orlando on holiday when he was still an unknown actor. Little did she know she was rubbing shoulders with a soon-to-be star...

"I met Orlando when I was standing on a beach in Thailand waiting for my boyfriend to come back from a diving trip. I fancied him at first glance when I saw him playing football with a couple of mates - who wouldn't?

"I had no idea who he was but it was obvious straight away that he was in a totally different class to the average guy. When the ball flew in my direction and he came to get it back, he just strolled up, bold as brass, threw me a cheeky grin, and started chatting to me. He told me about how he and his friends were taking a break from filming Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. They were really excited about it and had obviously become close buddies.

"I liked him, but wasn't impressed that he was an actor. I'd met a few before and they were usually egomaniacs. He wasn't pretentious, though, just very confident, maybe a little arrogant at times. But he definitely knew how to charm a girl. He was doing some serious flirting with me, standing very close, looking deep in my eyes, asking lots of questions and laughing at my jokes, even when they weren't funny.

"Funnily enough, Orlando seemed to lose interest when my boyfriend Jules came back from his diving lesson. Although he'd made it pretty clear that he fancied me, he wasted no time in chatting to another blonde after meeting my none-too-happy boyfriend! We did swap numbers though, but when I got home we never bothered keeping in touch.

"I couldn't believe it when I finally saw him up on the big screen last year. It was exciting, but very weird to see him with that terrible blond wig and those tights. He looks much better in real life - but I still don't regret turning him down."