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Justin Moves to Belfast, More (UK), June 25-July 8, 2003
typed by Sarah

 Timbers goes to the movies – and it means he’ll be closer to us than ever!

 Brace yourselves – Justin Timberlake is set to put his pop career on hold. But, don’t cry cos the good news it he’s moving to Northern Ireland to launch a film career. Our beloved Trousersnake is in talks to star in new flick ‘Closing the Ring’ with Orlando Bloom, Colin Hanks, Mena Suvari and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

A movie insider says the Memphis-born mover is ‘very keen and excited’ to sign on the dotted line and is desperate to star in a movie before the end of the year.

Shooting, due to start in September, will take place in Northern Ireland (and he’ll be there, setting hearts-a-flutter for at least five weeks).

The WWII film’s about a US serviceman who, before being shot down in Belfast asks a local lad to return a ring to his girlfriend back home. Although it’s not clear who Justin will play, it’s likely he’ll be swapping his trackie for a uniform. We’re betting Justin eclipses Britney’s acting effort. So anyway, looks like it’s a race to the Ryanair website...

 How to stalk him

 Where will he stay? At Sarah Arnold’s house, or if he really wants to, he could follow in the footsteps of Danni Minogue and stay at 10 Square. The five-star hotel boasts 23 luxury rooms, a swanky restaurant and private bar.

 Where will he eat? When Timbers gets peckish, he can fill up on haute cuisine at Michelin-starred Deane’s, where a two-course menu of dishes such as risotto of roast scallops and crisped salmon and couscous costs £29.

 Where will he party? After filling up on fancy nosh, JT can quaff the night away in the swanky surrounds of celeb hang-out Irene & Nan’s, where if you were lucky enough to pull him, a strawberry mojito costs a whopping £4.