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I Don't Want To Be An Idol, Moviestar (Germany), September/October 2003
Words: Markus Tschiedert
translated by Marny

MS: Is this like a personal dream came true for you?
OB: In a way it seems like I'm living every little boy's dream at the moment. In a short period of time I played an elf in Lord Of The Rings, then a soldier, a gangster in Ned Kelly and soon an action hero. I'm really very happy that I have so many possibilities as an actor and I have lots of fun doing it.
MS: After so many costume movies, are you looking forward to a role in a contemporary movie?
OB: Absolutely! I can imagine doing a movie about three guys sitting around a table and playing cards. But to be honest, I have more fun with the movies I did so far.
MS: Which of these movies has been the biggest adventure?
OB: The experiences in New Zealand, where all three parts of Lord Of The Rings were filmed, are almost impossible to describe. It was an overwhelming time and the first time I played such a big role.
MS: How do you explain that you made it as an actor?
OB: I have been at the right place at the right time probably. It was important to me not to end as an unemployed actor. You have to fight for it and I knew even as a kid what I wanted to be. That's why I made an effort at school especially in theatre and art. The most fun I had with the theatre courses. I always loved to think myself into other characters, watching old movies and going to the theatre. And it is not that everything came easily to me. I worked hard to get where I am today.
MS: And now you're friends with Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.
OB: That's not true. Ridiculous! I once said that at the beginning of the movie Troy about the Trojan War there was a dinner for the actors. 20 people sat around a table to get to know each other. After that I have rarely seen Brad because you don't see each other that often on set. Another time I met him for a drink. Brad is a great actor who really becomes his character. It is impressing that he's not only playing the "typical heroes". Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp are not different. They are very loveable persons I learned a lot from.
MS: Do you fear that your life could change too much?
OB: I don't know if fear is the right word. It already has begun and I try not to take it too seriously. I'm not interested in becoming a celebrity and I don't want to be an idol, although that might be really exciting.
MS: How do you handle it when so many girls adore you?
OB: When I imagine that some of them spend five hours and their whole afternoon to see a star, then I think it is the right thing to take your time and give them autographs. You have to live with it otherwise you live in constant fear and you can't enjoy your life anymore. It helped what a friend told me once: There will always be new young musicians or actors who will be adored by teenagers. They need that for their dreams, their fantasies or whatever. That makes sense to me and since then I see it all more relaxed.
MS: How difficult is it for you to live a relatively normal life?
OB: It is only as difficult as you make it yourself. I hardly get recognized when I'm walking down a street. That's partly because I don't look like most pictures which are worked on with photo-shop.
MS: You like extreme sports. Is this a yearning for danger?
OB: I was bungee jumping in New Zealand and I like snow-boarding, but I wouldn't say I'm looking for the extreme. And work-wise it just happened that I have played physically demanding roles. Legolas is someone who rarely talks and has to do a lot physically.
MS: Do you have a girlfriend?
OB: I don't talk about family and friends. It is difficult enough not to loose contact. Sorry!