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Orlando Bloom: I'm not going to get naked in movies, Msn.co.il (Israel), April 29, 2004
translated by Danit

Two days ago we told you, boys, that Angelina Jolie is planning to get naked in movies for at least the next 12 years, good news for everyone. But now, we have not so pleasant news for the girls. Orlando Bloom, one of the hottest actors ever, said recently in an interview that he is not going to get naked in movies. In Orlando's next movie The Calcium Kid in most of the movie we will have the honor of seeing Orlando topless (mainly because the movie is about a boxer's life) but Orlando says that that is his line and he doesn't think that in the coming future we could see his well built body.

"I didn't really want to walk around topless in my new movie, but I saw that I have no choice" he says "so I hired a personal trainer to get me into a strict training program and made me more muscle. When I looked better I had no problem taking off my shirt, but for sure, even for one second, I never thought of walking around naked. I wouldn't want to go through another training program like that before every movie I do, therefore in the future I'm not planning to do a lot of scenes topless, if I ever will".

"Besides" Orlando added "I'm not a striper, I'm an actor". Nowadays Orlando is dating the actress Kate Bosworth and he says that he is not going to take advantage of the fact that he is one of the biggest heartbreakers these days, and get him more dates and girls. "I have a girlfriend and I love her a lot. I know that there are a lot of beautiful girls in the world but my head stays where it is and not turning to all the places".

We should see Orlando soon next to Brad Pitt in the movie Troy.

Information source: Alon Rozemblum.