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Transcript of Orlando on MTV UK, April 24, 2003
transcribed by Joanne and Becca

The Presenters of the show are Dave Berry and Emma Griffiths…

First segment…

Dave: Kim Marsh, Girls Aloud. Could it get any better. Ladies and Gentlemen could you put your hands together. Mr. Orlando Bloom!

(clapping and cheers in the studio)

Dave: How are ya?

Orlando: Very well, very well.

Dave: Thank you for joining us.

Orlando: Thanks for having me…

Dave: Pirates of the Caribbean is your new movie…

Orlando: Yep.

Dave: A swashbuckling adventure…

Orlando: Yeah…

Dave: And it looks a little something, like this!

(They show some of the trailer of the ‘pirates’ movie, with a couple of slightly different clips that I’ve not seen before)

The Presenters and Orlando: Ooh! 

Orlando: (doing an impression of his character) They’ve taken Elizabeth!

(Emma laughs)

Dave: There you go, that’s what you’re rooting for… (gets cut off by Orlando)

Orlando: (another funny impression) We have to save her! (More laughing)

Emma: So, tell us what the film’s about and tell us about your character.

Orlando: Erm, it’s a Pirate movie. It’s a lot of fun…(he does a cute, shy face here)

Emma: Yeah…

Orlando: Swashbuckling. There’s basically Johnny’s character whose erm, after his old boat. The bad pirates whose Geoffrey… (Emma interrupts)

Emma:  The bad pirate and the good pirate…

Orlando: Yeah, they…they heard there was a mutiny and they stole his boat. So he wants his boat. I want the bird who is Keira Knightley and she’s really beautiful and stuff and I’m really in love with her.

Emma: Yeah…

Orlando: So I’m going after the girl and we team up because he, the bad pirates have got the boat AND the bird, so we’re going after the boat and the bird.

Emma: Hmmm…

Dave: Right, so you’re both in it for your own goals. You want some loving… (Orlando interrupts)

Orlando: Will’s a real kinda like, he’s a real earnest you know sort of…stick in the mud…(Dave interrupts)

Dave: A swashbuckler…

Orlando: Well he’s not really swash - Johnny’s the swashbuckler…and he does an amazing job. He’s doing like a Keith Richards thing, it’s fantastic. He’s got like, sea legs the whole time and sort of you feel like he’s drunk the whole time… (They laugh). Erm, and Geoffrey’s just got like ‘freedom’ tattooed on his forehead it looks like to me, it’s just sort of…

Dave: It’s a nice mix of characters.

Orlando: Yeah it’s good, it’s good…and I’m sort of, I’m the earnest, young kind of ‘I must save Elizabeth!’ kind of dude you know what I mean…

Dave: Yeah…that’s what we need in movies…

Emma: Well it would be nice to be saved, by you.

Orlando: Awww!  (He blushes a little. Emma swoons and fans herself with her card.)

Dave:  Orlando’s sticking with us if Emma you know, pins him to the couch…

Emma: …If I’m still dribbling…

Dave: …We’ve got Cribs next…Enjoy.


Next segment…

Dave: Mr. Orlando Bloom is still with us… (Emma claps) …the star…

Emma: Come on!

(Cheers from the studio)

Dave: Thanks very much. Oh sorry, that (the cheering) was for Orlando. Okay, fine. Now after Lord Of The Rings do you find it difficult to find scripts that are like that epic and that up to scratch? Or is it…

Orlando: Yeah definitely. It definitely sort of raised the bar. I mean I waited. I waited…I did Black Hawk, I did ‘Black Hawk Down’ after I finished ‘Rings’ and I kind of didn’t really know what I’d be doing in that. It was sort of, the script wasn’t really together but I just knew working with Ridley Scott would be a great experience…So I jumped into that and then erm, then I waited for like nine months and I was doing publicity for ‘Rings’. I did quite a lot for the first film. Erm…and so I was kinda waiting for the right thing to come along and then I started…and then ‘Ned Kelly’ came along and I got involved in that cuz that just sounded like a lot of fun and…

Dave: Yeah…

Orlando: …I met the director in LA, Gregor Jordan and he just sort of said (he tries to put on an Australian accent) ‘well, we’re gonna make a movie about a bunch of young guys riding horses, shooting guns’ …and that…

Dave: So you do accents as well?

Orlando Not really. That was a really bad…

…(Emma interrupts)

Emma: Multi-talented…

 Orlando: …That was a really bad Australian accent but then he lives all over the world so you can’t tell his accent anyway. But erm, yeah so I jumped into that and that was…Heath plays Ned and it’s kind of Ned’s story and I play his sort of right hand man and kind of a bit of a ladies man aswell. So it was, it was fun to be in that neck of the woods again and I like it there. And Melbourne is cool so…

Dave: So you’ve played like the archer, the pirate, the cowboy…(Orlando interrupts)

Orlando: I know it’s ridiculous…

Dave: You’re living the dream man!

Orlando: And the boxer in the, in ‘The Calcium Kid’ I was working on that with Rafe Spall and…

Emma: Does that come out this year?

Orlando: Yeah it comes out I think September or something…and Rafe was like you *bleep*(swearing, naughty boy…lol. I think he said ‘Bastard’.). Oh! Am I allowed to say that? (He cringes)

Dave: We can beep it out.

Orlando: He was like…he was like...he was like I can’t believe it you’re getting to play every boy’s dream, you know…(Dave interrupts)

Dave: It’s true! Every boy’s dream…

Orlando: I feel really lucky…because I used to run around the garden in pirate outfits, and cowboy outfits and the rest.

Dave: …With a little Johnny Depp next to you. (Emma laughs)

Orlando:  …With skirts as well, for good measure. (Smiles)

Dave: Anyway, Orlando’s gonna be sticking with us. Coming up for you know we’ve got ‘Cribs and How to live like a popstar’…


Segment 3…

Emma: I’ve personally glued Orlando Bloom to the couch so he can’t leave. (Orlando smiles)

Orlando: (he wriggles a little) It’s quite nice actually…

Emma:  So he’s gonna stick around…a little while longer. We’re gonna talk about the new film but first lets take a look.

(They show more of the ‘Pirates’ trailer with another couple of very tiny clips that I hadn’t seen before, unless I’m blind…lol)

Dave: There you go! (Orlando smiles)  That movie is out in the summer…

Orlando: I wanna see that movie. Don’t you wanna see that movie?

Emma and Dave: I really wanna see that movie.

Dave: Nice, good plugging there in a Jedi kind of way.

Orlando: Yeah… (He smiles and nods his head)

Dave: Nicely done. Erm, it’s out in the summer isn’t it?

Orlando: It is yeah.

Dave: You don’t know an exact date for it…

Orlando: I’m not sure about the UK exactly but I know it’s July 9th in America.

Dave: July 9th in the States.

Orlando: It’ll be the summer, yeah it’ll be the summer.

Dave: The love interest in it…Keira Knightley…

Orlando: Yes…(a long drawn out yes …lol)

Dave: Is that correct?


Dave:  Erm, she was in a position you were in a couple of years ago now isn’t she? She’s a young, British actor. She’s doing well in the States…

Orlando: Yeah she is…

Dave: …When you were on the set were you offering her advice?

Orlando:  Yeah I mean, you know, whatever she needed but she’s a really sort of switched on young lady really and she’s got a really good family supporting her and behind her all the way so…she sort of really didn’t need much but erm, you know, we chatted about you know, the ins and outs of what it’s like to kind of…it’s a very different culture you know, the American to the English, it is very different and erm, it’s funny, just because we speak the same language it doesn’t mean we’re the same, because we are very different. So yeah, we just chatted about the business and the way that it kinda works a bit but, she’s erm, she’s gonna go great, man and not only does she look really beautiful but she’s also talented to boot!

Emma: Do you think it’s harder for female actors?

Orlando: Yeah I do, actually. I mean, potentially, I think it’s sort of just, the work is different…erm, I think there’s not as much work and stuff and the roles, the variation and the sort of…there isn’t such a huge span (I think that’s what he said) which is why you know, all credit to everyone who gives it a good go and makes it and…

Emma: …Succeeds…

Orlando: Yeah…

Dave: Yeah well that’s cool! That’s the best anyone can do is give it their best shot and that’s why you get a big house like these lot have got in Cribs.


Segment four...

Dave: Orlando Bloom's with us. We've spoken about movies but this is MTV so let's talk about music.

Orlando: Yeahhh

Dave: What flicks your switch, floats your boat, what's in your CD player, who do you like seeing live? etc, etc, etc.

Orlando: Well I just saw Coldplay last night.

Emma: How were they?

Orlando: Amazing, jaw-dropping -

Dave: Yeah?

Orlando: Yeah, Fantastic! What a wicked bunch of boys, they are just amazing. It was awesome, erm, down at Earls Court. It was just, I mean they're just, I think they're just, the lyrics are amazing. I like good lyrics, good melodies erm -

Dave: Yep!

Orlando: and...anything that's really good actually you know, I mean I could sort of go right across the spectrum on music..if it's really good.

Dave: Do you use your celebrity to like 'backstage it' and meet your favourite bands?

Emma: Do you abuse it?

Orlando: (laughs) Yeah

Emma: (laughs)

Dave: Of course you do!

Orlando: Yeah (nodding) ...er Yes! (laughing)

Dave: Have you met Chris Martin?

Orlando: Yeah we did actually, we met earlier in the week. He's a lovely, lovely man. He's only, he's 26, the same age as - I couldn't believe it. He's a really young guy.

Dave: Is he 26?!

Orlando: Yeah he's -

Emma: He's young isn't he.

Orlando: Yeah he's young and he's really good.

Dave: and when you listen to the lyrics as you say-

Orlando: It's funny actually, one of the guys from the band is from my home town, from Kent or at least he went to school down there and stuff so it was mad, with my sister and everything so we had this -

Dave: Wow!

Orlando: We were just chatting about how like his girlfriend knew my sister really well and it was like woah!

Dave: The six degrees of separation -

Orlando: It's really, it's such a small world.

Dave: - from the lead singer in Coldplay and Orlando Bloom..

Orlando:...and a mate of his in the band, yeah, one of the geezers.

Dave: Cool!

Orlando: No, he's super cool man. I was just, I just think the message they put out there and not only about their music and stuff but everything else you know it's like it's sort of interesting -

Dave: Yeah

Orlando: They talk about the environment and they talk about you know make trade fair and you know all that stuff so they're interesting, they're interesting you know they're brave and courageous so.

Dave: and the way they plug it's nice to, it's alright to write on your hand cos I got told a lot off at school a lot for doing that with the biro.

Emma: (laughs)

Orlando: (smiles, laughs) absolutely.

Dave: Coming up for you now we have got The Bleeping Osbournes. Enjoy!


Final segment…

(Emma, Dave and Orlando are laughing together)

Emma: We tried to handcuff him to the couch but I glued him because he wouldn’t stay… (They laugh) …But somehow he’s got unstuck and he’s gonna leave us soon. It’s ‘Change a Miserable Life’ this week and we’re giving away this competition at 6 ‘o’ clock today and…

Orlando: You’re not giving me away?

Emma:  No, I’m keeping you… (Orlando then does this whole flirty “Ooh, mmmm” thing) …all to myself. (More of Orlando’s flirty expressions and noises here…lol.)

Dave: In your own time… (Orlando laughs and Emma tries to talk about the competition but Orlando and Dave mutter over her) …Welcome to Blind Date. I’m Dave Berry! (They all laugh again)

Emma: Whoever wins, they can win a clothing allowance, a makeover with an MTV Stylist, a cleaner for a year once a week for three hours…right…

Orlando: (very impressed) That’s great!

Emma: A holiday for…(Orlando interrupts)

Orlando: How do I, where do I apply?

Dave: Call the number, get in there, wait for it!

Emma: A holiday for yourself and three of your mates, and all your spending money. A dinner at a posh restaurant with the MTV presenter of your choice which he (she points to Dave) reckons is gonna be him but I doubt it very much. A dish washer, a washing machine…£10,000 in cash and a month’s contract to MTV with all your accommodation paid for in a top hotel, and a £100 a week for expenses.

Dave: What do you reckon to that?

Orlando: Where do I sign? I wanna be a part it! (Laughs)

Dave: Well, on that note… (Laughs)

Emma: Go to MTV.co.uk/blag or press red on your digital satellite remote control which we’ve got one for you somewhere over there. (She leans forward) So yeah…(to Orlando) …go for it…

Orlando: Great!

Dave: Orlando…

Emma: (to Orlando) You could change your miserable life (They’re all talking over each other at this point)

Orlando: What happens if I won it? (He does this ever-so-cute look when he says that)

Dave: You could come here and work for a month. Orlando, thank you very much for coming in! (Emma says the same thing over Dave)

Orlando: Aw, thank you it’s been really nice. (He shakes hands with Dave) Take care mate.

Dave: Good luck with the movie.

(Emma and Orlando shake hands but she doesn’t seem to wanna let go of him…who could blame her.)

Emma: Oh, please don’t go! (Orlando I think then repeats something “don’t” a few times in this funny voice...lol) Don’t go!

Dave: Coming up now we have got ‘Becoming Lady Marmalade’…