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Bloomin Lovely!, New Woman (Australia), January 2004
typed by Antonia

Spy Hangs out with sexy Orlando Bloom. He's about to appear in the final Lord of the Rings and his recent co-stars include Brad Pitt and Johhny Depp. Lucky lucky man.

spy: You've come from no where - how did you make it so big?

Orlando: I left my home town of Kent in England at 16 and went to London. The National Youth Theatre put me on a scholarship, then an agent picked me up during drama school auditions. I was working in a shop, selling clothes, and I did a couple of jobs like an episode of Casualty (the UK answer to ER). Then Lord of the Rings came along.

spy: so come on - what was it like working with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Orlando: I kept thinking: 'Man, I'm sharing the screen with Johnny Depp. How did that happen?' Its amazing to work with somebody you admire and for them to surpass your expectations. It was interesting to observe how he goes about his craft. He's so grounded.

spy: Did he or Brad, your co-star in Troy, give you any tips?

Orlando : There is one thing Johnny said. We were working on this big budget film and they were throwing money at everyone and i said how mad it was. He said: 'Your right, its crazy. One thing i can tell you is that privacy and security become really expensive.' He's got a family he needs to make sure are cool and not going to get harassed. That made sense.

spy: Do you get a lot of fan mail?

Orlando: Hundreds of letters a week. Its crazy. Don't get me wrong, its flattering but I've got sack-loads. The fact that fans write are so sincere is touching.

spy: Any weird ones?

Orlando: I've had a couple, but I don't think they're too bad - just a little bit freaky.

spy: So what do you do when your not working?

Orlando: I spend some time with guys I used to hang out with. I'm also trying to buy a house, which is so stressful. There are all these things you have to think about, like people gazumping you. It's costing more than I can afford.

spy: What are all these rumours of you going out with Blue Crush's Kate Bosworth?

Orlando: [smiles] I've had a lot of people call up and say 'Are you dating this person?' And I'm like 'I don't think I've even met them.'

spy: So you're not saying anything?

Orlando: No!