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The First Times of Orlando Bloom One (France), December 2002
Translated by Christelle

First "Stroke†of heart" (in french: coup de cúur )

"When I was a boy, I was in love with Linda Evans from "Dynasty". My aunt who works in publicity in New York, had got the opportunity to meet her when she came to shoot a commercial, and she asked her to sign a photo for me. I was crazy with joy and Iíve always had the photo!"

First record

"Thriller, by Michael Jackson is the first record that I bought".

First appearance on stage

"I was brought up in Canterbury, in England, and my mother brought me to church where my sister and me participated every year in bible reading competitions. I was gifted and to read in front of the public gave me the taste of the stage."

First job

"When I was 13, I took the job of a launcher of clay discs! Yes, yes, that exists! It concerns to cast discs in the air so that snipers with rifles can shoot them. It was a nice job and besides I was in the open air."

First love at first sight for a film

"It was "The Hustler", with Paul Newman. I adored that film and after watching it, I knew that I wanted to become an actor."

First Love

"I was 14 and there was a pretty, young, English girl. I wonít say more, but, since then, women fascinate me. On the other hand, what I can say, is that I regret the manner in which our generation behaves with women. It seems that romanticism is getting lost.

In England, when you meet a woman at night, generally youíre drunk and you end up snogging in the back of the taxi on the way homeÖ†"

First tattoo

"When the actors of The Lord of The Rings got their tattoos, it wasnít new for me. I was tattooed for the first time when I was 15. Itís a little sun placed under my navel."

First good luck charm

"I have a little blue pyramid with several precious stones, lapis lazuli, that I bring everywhere with me. I always put it on my bed table for the stones are supposed to bring wisdom to their possessor."

First concert

"Jamiroquai, in my native town, in Canterbury ,when I was a teenager.†"

First car

I bought my first car for 160 pounds at an auction sale. I was very attached to it and I regret to be separated from it now, even if it was a wreck!"

First cinema role

I played a little role in the film Wilde. I played a young homosexual man. I was offered numerous roles after that, but I had preferred to devote myself to theater for 3 years."

First comedy

"Iím shooting my first comedy which is The Calcium Kid. I play a young poor man, who works as milkman but who dreams of becoming a great boxer. Iím training like mad to be credible and IĎm also drinking lot of milk!"

First scene in The Lord of The Rings

"The first day of shooting, I had to play a scene where Legolas speaks to others elves in their native tongue. Unfortunately, elvish is a very difficult tongue to pronounce and I had to correct myself many times before I succeeded."

First fiancťe

"Some say that I was engaged to the english model Jemma Kidd, but I prefer to keep the secret. People can imagine what they want, it makes me more mysterious! In any case, for the present, Iím single and happy to be. I had a girlfriend when I arrived on the shooting of The Lord of the Rings, but she stayed in England while I was in New Zealand. Distance hurt our relation.