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To the Conquest of Hollywood: POTC, One (France), June 2003
translated by Anya, scans from Elodie

Orlando Bloom fans will not have to wait until “Return of the King” to see their favorite actor on the big screen. On August 13 of this year, Orlando will indeed be the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” one of the film events of the summer. Exclusively, ONE gives you a premiere of this film which looks exceptional…


On August 13 of this year, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” will land in force on the French screen. Unmistakably one of the film events of the summer, this spectacular production will sign the big return of Orlando Bloom, who, since the release of “Lord of the Rings,” became the new favorite actor of Hollywood. Inspired by the attraction of the same name at Disney World, “Pirates of the Caribbean” revives a kind of genre that was all the rage in Hollywood in the 1930’s.

To go back to the style of the day, this genre is an enormous challenge for the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, specialist of action films ("Pearl Harbor," "Armageddon"). Indeed, the last pirates’ film, "Island of Pirates", released in 1995, was a loud flop. Nevertheless, everything seems to foretell that "Pirates of the Caribbean" is not of the same fate. With a prestigious cast (Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp), a solid script and a talented director Gore Verbinski ("The Mouse," "The Mexican," and more recently "The Circle"), the film should break the roof at the box-office and stand out as one of the big successes of the year.


In the 17th century, it was hard to navigate on the sea of the Caribbean, which was infested by troops of pirates in charge of prestigious booties. Orlando Bloom plays a young blacksmith, named Will Turner, who falls in love with Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of the Governor. However, the young lady is kidnapped by Barbossa, a fearsome pirate and Captain of a galleon, the Black Pearl. He and his crew are struck by a terrible curse: neither completely alive, nor completely dead, they are in a sense ghosts who are transformed into skeletons when they are exposed in the light of the moon! Elizabeth possesses an object which can allow Barbossa to stop this bad fate. Listening to only his big heart, Will Turner is obviously going to try to save his beloved from the claws of evil pirates. For that purpose, he teams up with Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), an old veteran of the seas who turns out to be a crook with a big heart. All the ingredients of pirates’ films (young girls in distress, collisions, sword fighting) will be found in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” However, the originality of the film lies in the mixture of two genres; adventure and fantasy. The images of the pirates being transformed into skeletons will bring to the spectators their share of strong sensations and shudders! “Pirates of the Caribbean” will be a film that is more grown-up and more frightening than the consumer and domestic attraction of the Disney Parks by which it is inspired.

Originally, Orlando Bloom did not have the part in "Pirates of the Caribbean." Indeed, it was the talent of persuasion by the actor Geoffrey Rush, with whom he had just made "Ned Kelly"; that Orlando accepted the role of Will Turner. Indeed, when offered the role, Orlando wanted to take a little rest after almost three years of continuous shooting and the making of several films (the trilogy " Lord of the Rings", "Ned Kelly", and "The Calcium Kid").

The shooting of "Pirates of the Caribbean" was soiled by several incidents, one being that a gigantic fire ravaged a big part of the set. Today nevertheless, Orlando does not regret having been convinced to participate in this fantastic adventure. "While shooting the film, I felt like a kid,” he declares. “You realize, these last years, I was able to embody an elf, a boxer, an outlaw, and now a pirate! When we are a child, we dream about being all these people, and I had the opportunity to embody all of them in these films. I still can’t believe it... " An enthusiasm shared by Johnny Depp, his on-screen partner: "I wanted to make a film that my children would be able to see and know the actor. It was a very funny experience." Dear ship's boys, we only have this advice to give you: all of this hits theaters on August 13th of this year!