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Fantastic Outlook, Petra (Germany), September 2003
Interview by Andreas Renner
translated by Marny

Fantastic outlook - From "Lord Of The Rings" to the planks in "Pirates Of The Caribbean": fantasy movies made a star of Orlando Bloom - and a reluctant sex-symbol

An open glance and a beaming smile that could compete with the sun: Orlando Bloom is not only a gorgeous man but a lucky fellow as well. Cast directly from drama school, he played the blonde elven warrior "Legolas" in the "Lord Of The Rings" movies and put Elijah Wood as hobbit with wispy feet behind him without difficulty on the erotic scale. Since then women gasp for breath all over the world whenever they see the 26-year-old Brit. Orlando Bloom's new fantasy movie, the pirate saga "Pirates Of The Caribbean", will further cement his reputation as a ladies' man. How fabulously can you actually live as new dream man of the screen?

Do you believe in fairy tales?
My whole life seems like a fairy tale to me. Two years ago I was in drama school and suddenly I shoot "Pirates Of The Caribbean" with Johnny Depp and "Troy" with Brad Pitt. I used to admire those two guys in movies. So if this is not a fairy tale..... But I could imagine playing the lead in a comedy, without the pirate or elf costume.
Are elves actually sexy?
I don't know. Why do you ask?
We ask in the interest of our readers. Your status as new sex-symbol you owe to your role as "Legolas" in "Lord Of The Rings".
Obviously some people see it like this. Women sometimes address me in the street and say: Hey Orlando, nice bum. That's quite strange.
But honestly: Isn't that good for the male ego?
Sure, but I'm not used to my bum being an object of longing. I don't really feel sexy.
Aren't you the least bit vain?
Not really. I'm not the type who thinks about outward appearances. Sometimes I don't shave for weeks just because I don't want to. I don't spend much time with my hair either. I just let it grow, going to the hairdresser is more of an annoyance to me. Fortunately, I often get free hair cuts at movie shoots.
In the movie, Johnny Depp as an eccentric captain helps you change into a pirate. What do you think of him?
There are people in life you meet and click with immediately. This was the case with Johnny. He is - aside from Brad Pitt - the most normal superstar I've met so far. Johnny gave me one advice: Make a decision about a movie role never because of the money. That got stuck in my head.
What is Johnny Depp like?
He can be very serious, but you can have a lot of fun with him too. When we flew to the Caribbean for the shoot, we drank together to overcome fear of flight. At the arrival we were quite tipsy and staggered down the gangway, Johnny ahead. On the runway the prime minister of St. Vincent was waiting for us. Johnny didn't get that and hugged and kissed him. That was really bizarre.
You've broken almost every bone in your body. Are you such a klutz?
While shooting "Lord Of The Rings" I broke some ribs but this time fortunately nothing happened apart from a few scratches during the fencing scenes. Most of the fractures I got during sports.
So you're a dare-devil?
I used to be really active, doing sports like parachuting and bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing and snowboarding - accidents are bound to happen. The most serious accident I had some years ago when I fell from a friend's roof terrace and broke my back. Doctors prepared me for a life in a wheelchair but twelve days later I walked out of the hospital without any problems. You see, fairy tales with a happy ending happen in real life too.
Is it true that you are dyslexic?
Yes, it is true, but it always sounds like you have the plague. Yes, I have difficulties to recognize and discern some letters. But nonetheless I successfully completed my education. Many people still think that dyslexic people are boneheaded. That's just stupid.
How do you handle it that you being dyslexic is discussed in public?
I try to accept that that is part of the business. But publicity has advantages too: I can use this platform to reduce prejudices against dyslexic people. People should learn not to judge others by their weakness. A bit more tolerance and understanding would not be amiss.
What wrong image has the public of you?
I'm often portrayed as a ladies' man, a sex-symbol or romantic cuddly toy (this is my very literal translation - sorry). The truth is: I'm actually not really romantic. I'd probably like to be that way, but that gene is obviously missing. I don't want to be portrayed as the perfect lover.
In the meantime you have a girlfriend. Is this going to be something steady?
Let me answer this generally: I believe in fairy tales with a happy ending.