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Pirates of the Caribbean Interview Transcript from AOL, April 2003
Video in RealPlayer format
transcribed by The OB Files

Clip 1 Mp3 file - 88 Kb
"I play Will Turner who's a blacksmith. He's in love with a young lady called Elizabeth. Elizabeth has this pendant. That's part of the treasure that Barbossa, the bad pirate, is looking for. It's a pirate movie! It's like so exciting to be working on a pirate movie! At some point in your life, as a kid growing up, you've always dreamed to be a pirate."

Clip 2 Mp3 file - 99 Kb
"It's an epic movie. The pictures are so grand and there's so much going on. Hundreds of extras running around in uniform, it was massive, the undertaking was so big. They built this huge ship on top of a barge so it was kind of a functional set and we could sort of, sailing this huge ship on the open seas. We were just like going 'I can't believe!' let's just go away, let's go. Off to the caribbean, off we go, right now!"

Clip 3 Mp3 file - 89 Kb
"One of the most exciting sword fight sequences, there was a cart over here that was kinda bouncing up and down with the wheels spinning round here with a donkey and everything attached to it, and we're kinda fighting in and out of the wheel and getting flipped up and down on the cart and then flying up into the rafters and fighting up in amounst the rafters. It was on of the exciting and fun parts of the film actually."

Clip 4 Mp3 file - 67 Kb
"Gore has an incredible ablility to create huge scenes, you know. But he was also very good at coming to us to give us character insights and directions. He's got some great special effects, visual effects, that kind of make it really kinda epic."