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Orlando Interview, Planet Movie (Germany), September 2003
translated and scanned by Conny

[I believe this interview is mostly made up, and uses info from other interviews. There is some wrong information, such as Orlando appearing in a Gap commercial with Kate Bosworth (it was Kate Beckinsale), and him having grown up in South Africa.]

Orlando Bloom - Planet Movie met the new shooting star in order to talk to him about his new movie "Pirates Of The Caribbean". But of course we also wanted to know why he still keeps his relationship with Kate Bosworth as a secret, even if the "Blue Crush" - actress awaits him in his hotel suite...

PM: How do you feel as the new superstar?

O: The attention I receive right now is quite overwhelming, but I don't think of myself as a superstar.

PM: How do you handle the fact of being called a new sex symbol?

O: It's okay. Better than Quasimodo (laughs). But I don't take this too seriously.

PM: You've practically become famous overnight. But we still don't really know where you've been hiding all the time...

O: I haven't been hiding. I just did everything in my own pace. I attended drama school and acted there. Then everything started off very quickly.

PM: You were cast for the "Lord Of The Rings" - trilogy, then "Black Hawk Down" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean" followed. And tomorrow you'll be off for Malta where you shoot "Troy" with Brad Pitt.

O: Yes, I'm traveling a lot at the moment. It's a bit like a big dream. But after "Troy" I'll have a break.

PM: Johnny Depp called pirates the "rock stars of their time". Would you agree with that?

O: That's quite true. Somehow those guys could do what they liked. They were the stars after all. So the comparison is really fitting.

PM: What did it feel like to be part of a costume movie with lots of sword fights?

O: It was so much fun to dress up as your childhood idols. You have to be especially careful with the sword fights so you don't hurt your partner.

PM: Who was better at the fights, Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?

O: Hey, me of course! (laughs)

PM: You were born in England?

O: Yes, but I grew up in South Africa. My father was a journalist and anti apartheit campaigner.

PM: He died when you were 4 years old...

O: Yes, that might be the reason I'm so close to my mother and grandmother. Family and friends are very important to me.

PM: Speaking of friendship, how's your girlfriend Kate Bosworth?

O: (laughs) Who said that she's my girlfriend? Kate and I did a Gap-commercial together. She's incredibly sweet...

PM: ... and is in the hotel right now.

O: Hold on... (tries to find an answer) I'd like to keep those personal stuff to myself. I have to keep my privacy.

PM: What about those rumours that you only chose acting because you love kissing beautiful women?

O: That's not the truth. I can't get rid of that question!

PM: So you don't like kissing beautiful women?

O: That's not the reason I came to acting. I love that art, I love dressing up and becoming other characters. But I do like being able to kiss beautiful women in front of the camera as well, of course (laughs). What man doesn't?

PM: What do you do in your private life?

O: I hang around with my friends, I read a lot, go to the theatre. I like taking a break, just relaxing a little bit.

PM: But there's still your wild side. You have an elvish tattoo.

O: Yes, I have, but that doesn't make me a Hell's Angel, does it?

PM: Describe you work with Johnny Depp.

O: Johnny is one of my idols. He has that certain charm that is unimitable. I'm working with Brad Pitt right now. He's similar to Johnny. Just really cool. Both of them have made decisions in their professional life and swam against the tide with them.

PM: Are they role models for you?

O: Sure, I watch the stars of the business very closely, study them and absorb everything - like a sponge.

PM: Would you call yourself a gentleman?

O: I think so. I try to be polite to the people around me. I've been raised this way. But I get carried away sometimes. Then my grandma has to put my feet back on the ground (laughs)

PM: Are you a romantic?

O: No, absolutely not. (laughs) Just kidding. I really do hope that I'm a gentleman. But it's up to others to decide that.

PM: Did you get seasick whilst filming the pirate movie?

O: No, I like the ocean, I'm a passionate surfer as well. I actually learned surfing during the shooting of "Lord Of The Rings" in New Zealand. It was just extremely cramped on the boats. So you automatically get claustrophobic from time to time.

PM: What about that rumour that you and Johnny Depp got off the plane to St. Vincent totally drunk?

O: Part of it is true. But in fact it was a friend of Johnny's who was so blind drunk upon arrival that he crawled around on his knees. Quite an embarrasing situation.

PM: Can you already tell us something about the 3rd part of "Lord Of The Rings"?

O: I'm really excited myself. The last part of the trilogy is the most important movie for me. It leaves the final impression. All I can say is that there will be lots of battle scenes again and I'm highly involved.

PM: You seem to have become an expert for weapons on screen anyways.

O: I know. But I play a lover in "Troy", not a fighter.