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Passion and Fighting in Paradise, Por Ti (Mexico), August 30, 2003
translated by Luisa, scans by Cinthya of Orlijah - Woom

After showing that he has skills with the bow and arrow in Lord of the Rings, in his new movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Orlando shows that he is also an expert with swords. Orlando tells us everything about the movie.

Por Ti- What is the movie about?

OB- It's a story that occurs in the Caribbean, in the time that pirates ruled the ocean. My character, Will Turner, has to join the crew of a pirate, played by Johnny Depp, to rescue his girlfriend Elizabeth.

Por Ti- From whom do you have to rescue her from?

OB- From an evil pirate that has her as a hostage. The worst thing of all is that this wrongdoer is planning to put a curse on the Dead Island (San Pedro, Mexico), that will awake his army of monsters.

Por Ti- Who is the actress that plays Elizabeth?

OB- Her name is Keira Knightley, I really liked her in The Hole and in Bend it Like Beckham.

Por Ti- So, are you and Keira romantically involved?

OB- Keira and I alone in the Caribbean (laughs) No, we are just friends.

Por Ti- Do you like filming romantic scenes?

OB- They are so weird, you are kissing the girl passionately, and there are lots of people watching you! But I like them.

Por Ti- Do you wear a pirate costume?

OB- No, Johnny wears them. But I stay with the girl!

Por Ti- Your birthday is on January 13, in that time you were filming, how did you celebrate it?

OB- At first, I didn't want to tell anybody, but they found out and organized a surprise party for me.

Por Ti- In this movie you get to do a lot of fighting, right?

OB- Yes, I learned sword fighting, I really liked it!

Por Ti- But you had already learned sword fighting while shooting Lord of the Rings.

OB-Yes, but only the basics. On the trilogy I got to work much more in archery.

Por Ti- What is your favorite scene in the movie?

OB- Where Johnny and I fight with the British troops, it was shot at the Mexican Caribbean.

Por Ti- All pirates have treasures, what is yours?

OB- The love from my fans, it's worth more than gold.