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Excerpt from Viggo Article, Premiere (US), January 2003

Mortensen seems to have won over all his Rings peers, but none more than Bloom. "He was just so giving and gracious," says the 25-year-old actor, who recalls Mortensen letting him upstage him in at least one scene. "For a young actor starting out in the film industry, he was the most fantastic education I could have had."

Bloom tells a story that occurred when the Rings crew returned to New Zealand in the summer of 2002 for sound dubbing and pickups for The Two Towers. "I flew over just to visit Viggo," says Bloom, who had heard that Mortensen was organizing a reunion dinner. He, Mortensen and Henry (Viggo's son), Ian Mckellen, Liv Tyler (who plays Arwen), and members of the crew took a bus to the countryside. After dinner, Bloom and Henry went for a walk and noticed how beautifully the moon was shining on the nearby river.

"We ran back and said, 'Everyone's got to see this.'" Bloom recalls. "I was having a Viggo moment - running out, getting people to come and check out the moon."

Some decided to wade into the stream, but Mortensen suggested the more perilous task of crossing the river.

"I'm like, 'Fuck off,' and he says, 'Come on.' So we're barefoot, waist-high in water, walking on these little rocks to get to the other site and I'm doing it because I'm and idiot and I'm following his lead. Because he's an idiot. And because he's amazing," Bloom laughs. "I can't believe how much his is going to make me sound like I'm in love with the guy."