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Orlando Bloom - Legolas, Premiere (Czech Republic), May 2003
translated by Michaela, scans from Icie of Orlando//SK

How do you accept your sudden popularity, especially by the young girls?
It flatters me of course, but I try to keep my feet on the ground. I still live in the same flat. I still ride a bike in London. My mum told me that there were many internet pages about me, but I'd rather not know about it.

With whom did you become friends with the most during filming?
Probably with Viggo Mortensen. He was very nice to me and he taught me so many things about film.

What was the hardest thing for you?
To manage to fence and at the same time to keep that elfish harmony of movements. I found the inspiration from Japanese Samurai: when you see them fighting itīs a perfect play of movements, thereīs absolutely nothing chaotic in it.

What  do you think about LOTR today?
Above all I realize every single day what incredible luck I had, that I got the part. Even if I wonīt make any other films in my life... I acted  in LOTR and I will always be very proud of it.