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Orlando on the Jo Whiley Show, Radio One (UK), July 11, 2003
transcribed by Bex

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DJ (Nimone): Weíve been promising him here in the studio. He has arrived. He looks ready to talk to us as well. Orlando Bloom, hello welcome to Radio One!

Orlando Bloom: Hello, how are ya?

DJ: Iím very good, thank you, how about you?

OB: Very good, thank you.

DJ: A quick hop back home.

OB: Yeah just a fleeting visit.

DJ: For the premiere of your new movie, uh,Pirates of the Caribbean

OB: Yeah

DJ: You guys looked like you were having such a good time making this film

OB: It was, it was just, it was such a pleasure. It wasÖto work with um, with Johnny Depp, whoís been a bit of a sort of guideline for me, a bit of a hero actually, growing up, um, I suppose any young actor would probably say that, but he was-

DJ: Yeah.

OB: He was amazing. Heís such a lovely man and the opportunity to sort of work along side him and see how he goes about stuff was, was just awesome.

DJ: I wanted to ask you that, actually, 'cos he gets really in depth with a character, doesnít he, really goes for it.

OB: Well, he just, I mean with a pirate movie- this is a pirate movie, itís a lot of fun, díyou know what I mean, eh? And he has got it really in depth- and he did with this, because when I read the script, the character- Captain Jack Sparrow- didnít read like that, I mean it sort of read like a swashbuckling pirate, but not like a drunken, sea legged, Keith Richards sort of-

DJ: Mick Jagger type.

OB: Yeah *laughs* you know, I mean he does, he sort of pulled that out of the darkest crevices of his mind, and I just think thatís his, thatís his genius and stuff- and thatís his skill. And it was amazing to sort of see it come to life.

DJ: Yeah.

OB: Kinda left it open for me to play the straight man, which is sort of what happens, and then it kinda, it was a nice dynamic. It created this sort of odd couple, which was good.

DJ: Definitely. Because youíre not into it at all in the beginning, are you, cos heís the bad, you know, heís the bad pirate, and youíre kind of-

OB: Yeah and Iím like-

DJ: Youíre the good guy!

OB: Yeah, the idea of pirates is mis- just not right.

DJ: Not a good idea.


DJ: And then you have to hook up together. And you actually get to- you steal a ship, and youíre kind ofÖhe actually gets to steer- steer the ship.

OB: Yeah.

DJ: Which Iíve heard him say was like, Ďsuddenly Iím in control of this pirate ship!í

OB: I know! I know!

DJ: And you, like, youíre hanging on for dear life.

OB: I was just, I was just hanging on to any old rope that was hanging about, you know. I mean, it was like, it was so crazy. ĎCos we, Ďcos we actually, coming up along side this other-other ship that we were stealing it from, it was so- it was quite close, I mean, at v6 feet from another huge ship when Johnnyís at the wheel. Itís close.

DJ: And neither of you are particular sailors.


DJ: No, itís good!

OB: So all the crew had actually lined up the shot and lined up the boat in order that we wouldnít hit the other one. It sort of scurried below, so it wouldnít be in shot.

DJ: I was gonna- yeah, scurried below to get out the way, I think, not only not to be in shot!

OB: Yeah, yeah.

DJ: We should explain a little bit, actually, for anyone whoís not seen the movie- itís not out in the UK, um, so, would- for you, obviously being in it, sum it up in a few words, if you can.

OB: *semi sarcastically* Oh, thanks. UmÖ

DJ:Iím not going to do it! Iím gonna make you do it!

OB: Ok, thereís, um, well thereís, thereís basically Johnny- Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush-who plays the bad pirate. Johnny plays a rogue pirate.

DJ: Yep.

OB: Geoffrey Rush plays the bad pirate. Keira plays the beautiful young girl and I play the boy whoís after the girl- who chases the girl. The girl gets stolen by the bad pirates, um, so I go off with the rogue pirate, Johnny, to catch, to find the girl, heís going after the bad pirates with me because he wants, heís got his own intentions which are to get the, the uh, boat. Thereís also a curse been placed on the bad pirates, which means when they pass through moonlight they turn skeletal. So thereís a whole sort of-

DJ: This is absolutely brilliant, yeah.

OB: Itís great. I mean for a summer film, like, it sort of ticks all the boxes.

DJ: Oh, I was gonna say itís got like, everything.

OB: Itís got like, special effects, visual effects, itís gotÖ

DJ: a bit of lurve.

OB: Action adventure, yeah.

DJ: A bit of romance as well. 

OB: A bit of romance, yeah.

DJ: You canít go wrong.

OB: Itís great, itís so much fun.

DJ: Now, Iím not going to give too much away, but there is a baddie pirate in the shape of Mackenzie Crook.

OB: Oh yeah!

DJ: Otherwise known as Gareth, from The Office.

OB: That was amazing, Ďcos when I met Gareth, everyone was talking about The Office, but Iíve- I hadnít seen it. I just hadnít seen it because Iíd been, you know, Iíd been out of the country and thenÖ

DJ: Yeah.

OB: So I bought it on DVD at Heathrow. Itís amazing!

DJ: Itís brilliant, isnít it?

OB: He is unbelievable!

DJ: I know.

OB: And he is so good in this film.

DJ: Yeah.

OB: So good in this film and he just like, even like, they, thereís a point where his-his-his skele- he passes through moonlight-

DJ: Yeah.

OB: And he turns into a skeleton, and heís got this wooden eye in the film, and he loses his eye and heís chasing the eye along the floor, but as a skeleton. Itís brilliant! Heís amazing.

DJ: He seems really good actually. Thereís another couple of movies coming up with him, so heís definitely worth keeping an eye on.

OB: Oh yeah, for sure!

DJ: Was it, was it, I mean it kind of looked like, quite hard work. Thereís a lot of action scenes and sort of fighting and swashbucklingÖ

OB: Hmm.

DJ: Like, you said.

OB: Yeah.

DJ: But you obviously had time to have a giggle with it as well.

OB: Totally. I mean, Johnny kind of- we have this big opening fight sequence and unfortunately he made, he, he created a couple of little comic moments within this fight sequence which was great, but actually some of them didnít- some of them made it, some of them didnít because, I think, it was like, Gore?? wanted to create a real tension between us at the beginning so we had somewhere to go from Ďcos we end up kind of having a few comic moments through the-

DJ: Yeah.

OB: Through the film. I mean, Basically, Johnny turned it into a comedy as well as a swashbuckling adventure.

DJ: *laughs* Exactly

OB: I mean, when you see what heís doing, itís so funny. So um, so yeah, there was a lot of sword fighting. I workedÖyou know, Bob Anderson, is the, is the guy who trained Errol Flynn-

DJ: Heís the old school of fencing, yeah?

OB: Heís the old school, the original. And he actually worked with us on Lord of the Rings as well, so I kind of teamed up with him again and he taught me a different style of fencing.

DJ: Okay.

OB: For um, for this. But it was, um, it was great.

DJ: You, um, you- itís been quite a rise to this point as well.

OB: Itís been completely biz- unbelievable. Iím so lucky, Iím just, I feel- I pinch myself.

DJ: If you could see him now, heís looking a bit shocked still, heís like ĎAm I really here?í

OB: Yeah!

DJ: I mean, obviously, Lord of the Rings, youíve done a couple of those now. And you starred with the likes of Sir Ian McKellen. Youíve done Johnny Depp, starred with Johnny Depp in the Pirates movie.

OB: Mm.

DJ: Up and coming Troy with Brad Pitt.

OB: Mm.

DJ: Do you still get that kind of ĎI gotta pinch myselfí moment?

OB: Totally. Oh, I pinch myself all the time. I mean I just, I do feel so lucky. I just, you know, itís been um, you know, the opportunities. I mean, itís basically about opportunity, isnít it?And then if you get opportunity, what you do with it, and the choices you make after that. And Iíve just been really fortunate Ďcos the opportunities have been coming and Iíve been, managed to be around at the right time, and in the right place and stuff. Thereís so many, you know, when I was training at Drama School, there were so many fantastic young actors and itís just, you know that like, I know that there are a whole bunch of young people who are trying to do it.

DJ: Yeah. 

OB: And are perfectly capable and just havenít managed to get the opportunities. So itís about a break, and I just feel so lucky that I got mine early on, you know?

DJ: And theyíve kept coming, so far.

OB: Touch wood!* laughs*

DJ: *laughs* Well, listen, weíre going to keep you here for another couple of minutes.

OB: Alright.

DJ: If thatís ok?

OB: No worries!

DJ: Play you a tune from Evanescence now, and weíll come back to Orlando Bloom, Thank you very much!

OB: Cool, cool.

*song (Evanescence- Bring me to Life)*

DJ: Evanescence and Bring Me to Life. We are not alone in the studio at Radio One. It is Namone(?), in for Jo Wiley, with Orlando Bloom who we welcome!

OB: Hello!

DJ: Just prior to his premiere of Pirates of the Carribean, thatís why heís in the UK at the moment, uh, but all sorts of things going on, and uh, weíve-youíve got a bit of a reputation as an adrenalin junkie. I donít know how you picked this up but

OB: Ah, I think its Ďcos of all the stuff that was on the DVD for Lord of the Rings where Iím jumping out of airplanes and flying off of bungee jumps and stuff like that.

DJ: Which obviously wasnít included in the movie- that was just you.

OB: No, that was just me having a laugh!

DJ: On down time. And you learnt how to surf doing that as well.

OB: Yeah, I learnt to surf down there as well.

DJ: And you-

OB: I mean, New Zealandsís kind of outsdoorsy and stuff. Itís not like I go around looking for a bungee jump every time I arrive in a new location.

DJ: You canít avoid it there, I guess.

OB: You canít really, itís sort of like, itís a, itís a, itís a dare thing isnít it? Jumping offÖoh godÖ

DJ: Itís a bit of a boy thing as well, isnítí it? Itís like aah, thereís a chance to kind of throw myself off of a crane with-

OB: Yeah.

DJ: -a large rope attached to me.

OB: Yeah, well, this was even better. It was like a, it was a cable car in the middle of a valley with a river running below, so it was kind of amazing as well, like a huge thing.

DJ: God you wouldnít get- I couldnít go off that, Iíd have a vertigo attack. Um, but donít you worry with your kind of accident prone side- that Iíve also heard about.

OB: *laughs*

DJ: Do you not think, right...

OB: I was worried about that, actually, cos I had the back injury, and I hadnít reallyÖbut Iíd been horse riding and Iíd been doing other stuff.

DJ: This is it- youíve learnt to horse ride and shoot arrows, youíve learnt to chariot race, youíve kind of done swashbucklingÖ

OB: Iíve got all these brilliant skills which are completely useless in every day life. Itís like, take me back a few hundred years and Iíll be a real hero, but right now, you know.

DJ: Whatís the favourite thing youíve learnt?

OB: UmmmÖI love to ride, actually.

DJ: The horse riding?

OB: Horses- itís amazing, yeah, horse riding. And chariot racing, chariot riding is pretty phenomenal, when youíve got two, two horses and youíre just standing with, you know,them right there 

DJ: Thatís the sort of thing that not many people get the chance to do, as youíve rightly said, in everyday life. Now, when you were blond, in LoTR, did you have more fun? This is from Melanie in Stockport.

OB: Um, oh yeah, definitely, I had so much fun in New Zealand, are you crazy? Yeah, it was brilliant. And Legolas was awesome, so yeah.

DJ: Yeah, the blond wig, but it was the pointy ears that I reckon probably did it.

OB: Yeah, the pointy ears sent it away, yeah definitely.

DJ: Okay, Yvonne, near Cambridge says which of the four lifestyles youíve played- Elf, Outlaw, Pirate and Milkman, would you prefer to live like in real life.

OB: Elf, OutlawÖooh, um, oooh, er, thatís a tricky, thatís a good question! I think Iíd be like, um, I liked the elf actually. It was a good space to be in, nice and meditative

DJ: The elf life!

OB: Elf life.

DJ: Okay.

OB: Although Iím not sure if I could deal with putting the wig and ears every morning.

DJ: *laughs* A bit too much. A bit too much hassle.

OB: Yeah.

DJ: Okay, um, apparently, fellow Weneford(?) House mate Ross Fairburn, says ĎI went to school with Orlandoí-

OB: Oh wow!

DJ: -ĎDoes he remember nicking my girlfriendí?

OB: Oh my God, Ross Fairburn, yeah of course. No, I donít remember nicking your girlfriend, mate.

DJ: Thatís such a- what a nasty question!

OB: Weneford House, yeah well, thatís mad.

DJ: Heís probably hurting still about that.

OB: Yeah, heís still cut up, obviously!

DJ: And uh, Pauline, on the text, says ĎOrlando, thereís a rumour youíre lined up to do a movie with Justin Timberlake in Belfast later this year.í

OB: *Laughs* Itís so funny, this stuff that comes rumoured about, I mean, apparently Iím doing all sorts of things I never even heard of!

DJ: Apparently, you could be the new, is it the new Superman?

OB: NoÖ, yeah I mean I met, IÖno, I wouldnít wanna do that, to be honest.

DJ: Okay.

OB: So, butÖI mean, its flattering that people think I could be.

DJ: And the movie with Justin Timberlake?

OB: No, no, no. No plans to do a movie with Justin Timberlake.

DJ: How would that work? Yeah, okay, but nice rumour.

OB:Yeah, I know.

DJ: Okay, now um, whatís- whatís it like to be back in London? ĎCos obviously you sort of-

OB: Oh, itís great.

DJ: You havenít spent a lot of time here in the last couple of years, but its home for you, isnít it?

OB: It is, yeah, but itís fantastic, I love it. Itís just good to see my friends and you know, thereís something about this city that keeps, keeps you very real, you know? Just- itís quite a tricky city to get through, isnít it sometimes, I think everyone gets a bit down with the weather and dealing with like, walking the streets and sometimes the traffic and transport.

DJ: I got that when I lived in Manchester. I think that can just be the UK generally.

OB: Yeah, you might be right, but, but Londonís like, I dunno, for me itís just, i-it keeps it, I donít know, I love all that about it now Iíve been away. Its funny how you go away, and I actually miss the bad weather sometimes. Cos obviously when youíre somewhere where itís hot the whole time. Malta was so hot, at the moment.

DJ: That was filming Troy with Brad Pitt.

OB: Yeah it was 43, 43 degrees or something. It was crazy. And I was like, you know, oh, give me a rainy day in London.

DJ: A cloudy day in the UK.

OB: Yeah.

DJ: Okay, do you hook up with mates? Have you been out?

OB: Course, yeah. Just actually got together with a whole group yesterdayÖ

DJ: Did you?

OB: We got into the park, had a bit of a picnic, and then, uh-

DJ: A few bevies?

OB: A few bevies, yeah.

DJ: Excellent, okay, weíve talked to you a little bit about Troy, itís the new movie with Brad Pitt.

OB: Yeah.

DJ: Now, Orlando howÖwhat's your most embarrassing moment? Itís Tracy in Bedford, sorry.

OB: My must embarrassing moment. UmmÖoh, I really canít remember my most emb- probably trying to snog my first girlfriend, when I sort of, couldnít work out what word to use- like, can I kiss her, can I, can IÖI said something like Ďcan I get off with youí or something.

DJ: *laughs* Oh, thatís, oh thatís classic!

OB: I think I was 9 though, so maybe I can be forgiven.

DJ: I think you can get away with it at 9. I-I assume itís moved on slightly now.

OB: Yeah. *giggles* You mean, my lines are a bit better? I dunno.

DJ: What would be the line you use now? Can I get off with you?

OB: Ooh, yeah.

DJ: What about, I mean, youíve worked with people like Keira Knightly, a fairly fine kind of star.

OB: Fairly fine, Iíd say. Sheís beautiful!

DJ: I know my other half, when we were watching the movie, was like whoo! Sheís moved on from Bend it Like Beckham.

OB: Sheís moved on from, yeah. Definitely, definitely. Sheís definitely blossoming.

DJ: Is that difficult to work opposite somebody like that, is it just, oh.

OB: What, not to have a crush?

DJ: Yeah.

OB: Yeah, it is, with someone like Keira. Sheís beautiful. I think I did have a crush on her actually!

DJ: Did you?

OB: Sheís beaut-. Nah, sheísÖwell nah, we got on really well. And I got on well with her boyfriend too so.

DJ: Oh okay, thatís okay then, right weíll let you off on that one.

OB: She-sheís lovely, Keira. She's great. And she does such a fantastic job in that film. I just thought she was amazing. She really like, she-she, I mean, sheís 17, she was 17, sheís 18 now, 17 when she filmed it. And she just, you know, her sort of control and presence was justÖI thought, fantastic.

DJ: She held her own against.

OB: Mm, really, held her own. I mean, thatís a big, thatís a big film. I mean, I was, I mean, I guess weíre all nervous about that.

DJ: Yeah.

OB: You know, about whether you can sort of hold your own, when youíre working with people like Johnny and Geoffrey Rush, you know.

DJ: Absolutely, no, definitely.

OB: Jonathan Price, you know, thereís a whole, thereís-

DJ: A lot of names there.

OB: Some pretty heavy weight dudes.

DJ: Definitely, definitely. Now, weíve had lots of texts. Obviously the marriage proposals, which Iím totting up now into the hundreds. But weíre not going to give you each-

OB:Oh yeah, Iím ready, Iím ready. I want to marry all of them!

DJ: Radio oneís first mass wedding.What are you going to do when youíre in the Hollywood A-list? Okay. But people are asking you to dish the dirt on Brad Pitt. What was he like to work with him?

OB: You know, I donít actually do a lot of stuff with Brad, in terms of acting scenes, I have to shoot him at the end of the movie. But heís, heís one of the loveliest men. Heís so, heís so gracious. And you know, heís a fan-Iíve always admired his work to be honest, I think heís probably, you know, heís a fantastic looking guy and he does an amazing job every time. He always, heís also one of those guys, like Johnny, who sort of morphs into a character, who just really puts himself out there and-

DJ: And are they down to earth? I mean, are they kinda like, regular?

OB: Totally! Oh yeah, you know what? Thatís the funny thing. The more you do this and the more you- you know. I mean, one of the great things, you know, is that I feel really lucky about is that Iíve worked with people like Brad and people like Johnny now, and Viggo you know. And thatís a great demographic, leading men like that, and itís like, they, theyíre just so normal. Theyíre so real. Everyone, everyone wakes up in the morning, sometimes feels a bit grumpy, whatever, gets over it, and gets on with the day, and everyone has, like, their moments, everyone has you know, everyone, you know, people are people.

DJ: Yeah.

OB: Whatever you do. You know what I mean? Everyone has to drop their pants to *quietly* take a crap.

DJ: *laughs* Everyone goes to the loo. I think thatís quite a nice way of putting it. I was going to ask you about your normal day, but I think weíve probably had most of it.

OB: Itís just, do you know what I mean? It is that thing of people being people. And, yeah, Bradís just a lovely bloke.

DJ: So, do you get time for any sort of normal activities, sort of shopping in between and kinda hanging out and, and dating?

OB: Um, not a huge amount to be honest. Iíve just been trying to get stuff for a new house, and shopping and stuff and dating doesnít really, I mean it sort of, that sort of side of things, you just kind of, it just sort of happens when it happens, doesnít it? At the moment, works been really kind of predominant in my, quite a forefront for me.

DJ: Okay. Alright, so when it happens, youíll let us know?

OB: Mmhm.

DJ: Orlando Bloom, thank you very much for joining us on Radio One.

OB: Cheers, nice to speak to you!

DJ: Good luck on the movie.

OB: Thank you very much.