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Dreamhunk of the Month, Rails (The Netherlands), May 2004
Scanned and translated by Nicole

[this interview is probably fake]

Did you also find the elf from Lord of the Rings so incredibly tasty? Only 21 nights and you can can swoon away, because Orlando Bloom plays in the exciting heroic film Troy. Rails caught the first flight to Los Angeles to hear this 27-year old superhunk. Are you swooning with us?

Hey Orlando!
'Hi, call me Orli, all my friends call me that.'

(Blushing) Ok... Orli, what kind of girls do you fall for?
'I love blonde girls. And they have to be sweet!'

When was your first experience with a girl?
'Ehhh... when I was 14 I met a very special girl. With her I lost my virginity, but I'm not going to tell you more about it.'

Ahhh... Orli, are you a good lover, actually?
'I think I am. When I'm in love that woman is the most important in my life, I'll do everything for her!'

(Swoon) Then, don't you have any bad quality?
'Ehhh... I bite my nails. And I'm addicted to socks. I have so many: yellow, red, green and even some that glow in the dark!'

Oh, socks... You're also a real dare-devil?
'I love extreme sports, indeed, like bungee jumping, surfing and snowboarding. I've broken almost all of my bones. When I was 21, I fell three floors from a window and broke my back. The doctors thought I was never going to be able to walk again, but after a tough surgery I could go home within two weeks.'

Wow, you're a real hero, Orli! Do you have a girlfriend, by the way?!
'Well, actually I don't like to talk about my private life, but because it's you: during the filming of Lord of the Rings I had a girlfriend. But we broke up, because all the stress and the great distance between us. After that I've been single for a while, but now I'm dating actress Kate Bosworth.'