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Transcription of Live With Regis and Kelly Jan. 10, 2002
as transcribed by mykssw33thrt

(walks in shakes Regis' hand)

(extends hand to Kelly but she kisses each cheek once)
Hi Kelly, nice to meet

(Kelly says something like "You look really different in the movie")
it's the long blonde hair i think, that's right (the audience laughs at this)

(he was asked which elf he plays)
i play legolas

(Kelly says "legless?" audience laughs, Orlando corrects her with a smile on his face)
yes. legolas, legolas

(asked to describe his character)
umm, legolas is basically umm a warrior elf, he is representing the elves in the fellowship and the fellowship is made up of nine characters that go on a journey to destroy this evil ring of power.

umm the ring needs to be destroyed, it's carried by frodo. he was played by elijah wood.

(Regis says that Elijah was on the show)
oh, have you?

(Regis also said that Ian was also on the show)
oh he is great, ian's...

(Orlando describes elves)
that's right, yeah, i'm the only elf in the fellowship. elves are kinda tall, and slender. they have superhuman qualities like superhuman strength, reflex speed. they're senses are all really heightened so he's kinda like, they're-they're this sort of angelic spirits with like, you know qualities that you know no other human can have and it's, and it kinda made for a really interesting uh experience...

(Regis cuts in and says something like "It must have been really physical")
yeah it was incredibly physical. i mean, i came to new zealand two months prior to filming and the first thing they did was give me a bow and said here's a-here's a bow get training so for two months i was like firing at target. and then at like these, they had these big plastic animals that i was firing at and he was like fire at the heads, at the stomach it was-it was crazy

(Regis comments that Orlando must have gotten pretty good at it)
yeah by the the end of it like he'd wave two paper plates and i'd go like pull and he'd throw them into the air and i was pumping them out so i got pretty good which was really good
(Regis asks "How old are you Orlando?")
i'm 25 in january, in-in on the 13th of january

(Regis says "that's coming up")
yeah in a few days (applause from the audience)

(Kelly notices the tattoo when he was explaining about the archery training)
i have a fellowship tattoo

(Regis says he wants to get one of those and asks Orlando to show him. Orlando at first was showing him but he pulls his arm back and squirms)
yay, i wish i could, the thing is i can't, i'm-i'm supposed to not show anyone but it's kinda like the nine of the fellowship had a-had a tattoo done and it was like the movie is for everyone else and the tattoos were for us.

i'll tell you a secret though

(Kelly was trying to trick Orlando by saying that he should have gotten it the same place the others got it)
right (smiles)

(Kelly still trying to trick him by saying that they've seen the other's tattoo)
no you didn't (he says that so cute, like a little boy saying "nah-uh")

i'll tell you what else though. we were in um, we were in new zealand just now for the release of the-of the lord of the rings and um i got peter, peter jackson the director, barry (forgot last name) he's one of the producers, mark odeski(sp?) who was one of the executives at new line and richard taylor who is um head of WETA this special effects compay that um peter owns in new zealand i got them all tattoo that saying ten. well we all, the fellowship we organized and they got ten tattooed on them so like they're the tenth member of the fellowhsip coz we were like they've just been so amazing and it was like so-so now there's nine in the fellowship and the tenth members are like...

(Regis comments that it was a real bonding experience)
it is!!

(Regis shows Orlando Kelly's tattoo on her ankle)
i was just looking at that

it's gorgeous

very cute (he did this thing with his tongue, like he licked his lower lip...very cute)


(They showed the Peep Hole gag and Regis says they are doing a better show in the dressing room than out where they were)
that's true

(Regis mentions that along with LOTR he's in BHD)
yeah that's right

yup thank you

um i play um private first class todd blackburn and he is, he's like the youngest and the greenest of the Rangers he's really hungry to get out there to do his bit to fight for his country....