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Interview with Orlando, Viggo & Elijah, Sci-Fi (Brazil), May 9, 2002
Translated by Juliana
Thanks to www.orlandomultimedia.net

Orlando Bloom/Legolas

How did you react when you saw the movie?
It was very strange to see myself with blond hair and blue eyes. But the aspect of Legolas was inspired from the descriptions of the book. As an elf, he had to be blond and look angelical. I'm a very lucky person. Lord of the Rings is already in the history of the cinema.

From whom was the idea of the fellowship tattoo?
I think it was mine, I don't know [laughs]. I already had a tattoo on my belly. I thought of the tattoo to celebrate our friendship, the time we spent together in New Zealand. Viggo called a tattoo parlor and asked if it was possible to do nine tattoos at the same time, on a Sunday. The man refused. The next day, Viggo went to the tattoo parlor wearing Aragorn's clothes, with his sword in one hand. [ laughs ]. So, he explained that we were making the movie Lord of the Rings. The man opened his tattoo parlor just for us. All the nine got the tattoo done, a nine in elvish. Even Sir Ian McKellen got one...

Legolas was an opportunity to explore your talent as an actor out of the stage?
In this first movie, Legolas is more of a presence, the eyes and the ears of the fellowship. He doesn't laugh much, is higher than the others. He sees this journey with much seriousness. i had to go to New Zealand two months before the shooting starts, just to train with bow and arrow, paddling, mounting and learn elvish. At one point we were really exhausted, shooting 18 hours each day! It was a big challenge. I think that in this movie Legolas has a discreet role. The character, meanwhile, will develop in the next movies. There are many scenes that i would love to see in The fellowship of the Ring, but are cut. But in the end, Peter [Jackson] managed to refine each character in his essence. And there's more Legolas coming up.

Legolas became very popular among the female fans. Especially in Brazil, where You became a sex symbol.
Are you kidding? Really?? [happy] I'm buying my ticket to Brazil tomorrow!!! Only in brazil, where the most beautiful women in the world are? I'm flattered!


Elijah Wood/Frodo

When did you first read J.R.R Tolkienís books?
I read The Hobbit when I was a kid, but I never had the time to read the trilogy. Sometimes I looked at them and thought: "I have to catch up with them", but I never had the time. When the opportunity to play the role of Frodo came up, then I read the book. I wanted that role so much that I decided to record a tape and send it to the studio. When I finally met Peter Jackson, he asked me if I was really ready to spend fifteen months in another country filming the Lord of the Rings. I said sure! it was the chance of a lifetime! When I arrived in New Zealand, I was only eighteen.

You are considered one of the most talented actors of your generation, the critics use to say that youíre a responsible person. Is it possible to keep a normal routine and avoid the destiny, which is sometimes tragic, for some actors in Hollywood?
I owe everything to my mom. She is responsible for who I am as a person or as an actor. If educating your son is a difficult task, imagine how to educate him in the Hollywood world, with so many dangerous influences. I can tell you that my mother helps me to be a responsible person. I appreciate the family life, and I like to do normal things such as go to the news-stand to buy a magazine, go out to talk with my friends. Thereís more in life than Hollywood. The secret is to take this profession like any other. And don't loose the notion of who you are as a human being.

Frodo will be in the news-stand, the library, the malls, the cerealís box, in every places. Do you fear that your image could get consumed too quickly?
Frodo, Frodo, Frodo! People will say, "I canít stand this guy anymore!" I know. Sorry guys, but it will only be for three years. [laughs]. Well, itís a risk that I have to take. But I prefer not think about it now.

The movie is out now. How was the first and the last day of filming?
My biggest fear was to get to New Zealand, and then, after one whole day of filming, staying alone in my room without anyone to talk to. But it was amazing, I felt like home. I made a true friendship. Even after the filming we kept in contact by phone. As everybody know, we decided to celebrate this friendship with a tattoo. My tattoo is on my belly [and he shows the tattoo.]. It was really amazing. The last day was sad. We went through ups and downs together. All of us were unhappy, after a long time, we wanted to go home, to see our family. But we compensated it with our friendship. Iím sure that a new meeting will happen soon.

Which director, of all youíve worked with, was the most difficult to work with?
You want me to get into trouble? [ laughs]. I had a lot of luck with all the people Iíve worked with. Ang Lee, for example, was the director that helped me grow up as an actor. Before the Ice Storm, I used to be more intuitive. Ang Lee helped me to discover the character in every details, to understand his psychology, his causes. Working with Peter was fun. He is eccentric, practically a hobbit. But is a totally lovely person. "


Viggo Mortensen/Aragorn

Did you read any Tolkien's books?
To be honest, no I didn't. But when I started to read the script, I immediately recognized many of the elements of the history. Due to my upbringing (he's Danish), I've grown up hearing legends from the Nordic mythology, which inspired professor Tolkien.

Is it true that you hurt yourself in one fighting scene?
Yes. I broke a tooth. Making a saga like this needs a lot of heroism. But it's impossible not to get hurt, with so many trainings and fights that we had to do. This is the kind of thing that at the end of filming, someone is always bound to get scratches and bruises but it's worth it. I was very happy with the magic of some characters and places like Moria or Rivendell. I'm very happy with the results.

You were called to replace Stuart Townsend (who was fired) for Aragorn's role. What's it like to arrive in the middle of filming?
It was strange to replace another actor in the same role, I was flattered by this invitation, but on the other hand, I was appalled. I missed the time to get deep into the character. I think that one of the factors which influenced the replacement was my age. Aragorn had to be more mature. Maybe, in a few years, Stuart will be ready for this role. The atmosphere was heavy at that moment, with lots of things happening. But then everything was alright again.

In the movie, the kiss between Aragorn and Arwen divided the fanatics of Tolkien's books. Was it positive to increase, a little bit, the romance of the history?
What was added in the first movie was enough. The romance between Arwen and Aragorn must be subtle. Any other change would be against the Tolkien's literary composition.

When the fellowship lost Gandalf, Aragorn assumed the leadership of the group. What would be the history without the presence of the character?
I think that Strider brings out part of the courage, action and heroism that we see in the movie. He always puts the interest of the hobbits first, he cares about them. He is noble. More of his character will be revealed in the next movies.