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Who's that hot guy in the elf suit?, Seventeen, February 2003
By Lauren Ambrose
typed by Amie

It's Lord of the Rings costar Orlando Bloom.

Don't be deceived by the long blond wig and pointy ears on-screen.  Inside the Lord of the Rings costume is one gorgeous Brit, Orlando Bloom.  The 5'11'' actor, who plays elf Legolas, is tall, dark, handsome and not at all elfish.
Orlando is getting attention for his role in the trilogy, including December's The Two Towers.  But if he already looked familiar, you may have spotted him in Black Hawk Down, or in those groovy Gap commercials alongside Kate Beckinsale.  And despite his rising chick-magnet status, he's not your typical Hollywood player.  Orlando, 26, claims he's just a grounded homebody (I'll always return to London") who used to win poetry-reading competitions in Canterbury, and who misses old fashioned courting ("It feels like romance is dying out"). 
But alas, when we dug deeper we found out that Orlando is more of a plain ole girl chaser than a proper English gentleman.  Why did he actually enjoy those poetry readings?  "I was always meeting really cool European chicks," he says.  Orlando tried to bring chicks in his LOTR role as well: "I was always lobbying for love scenes between Legolas and Arwen [Liv Tyler].  I don't even need to be paid if I get the chance to kiss someone!"  He didn't get his wish, but there's no need for him to sound desperate.  We can think of plenty of people who'd happily submit to his smooch.