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A Blooming Popular Boy, SLM Magazine,The Daily Telegraph (Australia), May 28, 2003
typed by Laura B

   There must be many girls (and boys) with a serious crush on Orlando Bloom, for he can boast (drum roll please) 144 fan sites. Last year's to-die-for actor Leonardo di Caprio doesn't even hit 60.

   What's incredible is that Orlando's career has been so short yet his fanbase seems to have quadrupled overnight. There must be fans out there, right this minute, conspiring to make the most comprehensive Orlando website ever.

   If you aren't obsessed enough to riffle through all 144, perhaps you should check out Bloomed.net which features photos of the actor on the set of his new movie Troy, a host of interviews and even a chatroom. Some of the conversation is completely enthralling. Anyone keen to join the "where can I get the picture of Orlando in the black beanie?" chat?

   Other boys we thought would fare really well didn't. Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck tie at 48 sites apiece. We blamed the Gwynnie jinx but fans are yet to get obsessed with her latest beau Chris Martin. He has a distinct lack of fan sites... as in none.