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The Day I Discovered My Secret Dad, Sneak (UK), July 22-28, 2003
typed by Sophie
scans from Luthien and LiL PiPPi BLooM

He's Britain's sexiest, most super-successful new film star, but Orlando Bloom found fame against the odds after suffering a devastating family trauma.

Orlando Bloom is guaranteed to hit megastardom when his swashbuckling movie Pirates of the Caribbean comes out next month. But top billing in this summer's hottest flick isn't enough for Orli- he's also got huge roles coming up in The Calcium Kid, Ned Kelly, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Troy! Now, Sneak reveals the truth about our biggest new films star:

Family Affairs:

Orlando has always admitted that he loves his work, but maybe the reason he's been so focused-even from a young age- is because he wanted to escape the traumatic times in his family life.

Orlando was just four when his father Harry died. Until he was 13, Orli believed that the man he'd called 'Dad' as a toddler was of course his real dad. But he wasn't. His biological father was in fact an old 'family friend', Colin Stone. Orlando explains what happened after his 'dad's' death: "Colin Stone was made my legal guardian. He was a close family friend, but I always thought Harry was my biological friend."

The family were away on holiday when Orlando's mum dropped the bombshell news. "It's an unusual story," he admits, but humble Orlando, 26, insists there's nothing special about his family background. "You show me a family and I'll show you an unusual story," he insists.


Orlando still finds it hard to talk about his difficult experiences, but says this traumatic revelation hasn't given him an identity crisis. "My childhood was very nice," he says. "Before my father (Harry) died, he asked a good friend (Colin, Orli's biological dad) to be my new father. He's been there for me my whole life. I thank my father for that."

Orlando has managed to move his life on and find happiness by focusing on his film career. All his hard work has paid off now that he's become the hottest new name in Hollywood- but how's he coping with his massive fame? We caught up with Canterbury's coolest export to find out....

Romantic hero:

You get to play a romantic hero in your new flick, Pirates of the Caribbean. We bet that made a change from playing an elf?
"Yes! My character, Will, is a bit of a stick-in-the-mud who goes on an adventure to find the girl of his dreams. He's the boy from the wrong side of the tracks in lobe with a girl from the right side. I was so grateful for the opportunity and it was great to get the girl at the end- that was a first for me!"

Did you enjoy snogging your sexy Pirates co-star, Keira Knightley?
"Well, she's a beautiful, talented and smart. I'd say she'd be an ideal choice for a woman! I go for kind girls with a sense of humor."


Has it been tough getting used to life as one of the UK's biggest movie stars?
"Yeah, it's been quite difficult. Playing Legolas (In LOTR) is cool because the blonde wig is a nice disguise. But it is a little unnerving sometimes. You start to live out your dreams and then this overwhelming stuff comes as well."

So how do you handle the attention?
"I guess I just try to take it as it comes. I'm just figuring it out. It's a little weird- a very unreal world. At the moment I'm trying to keep that real and not get caught up in the stuff that surrounds this industry. It's very flattering but I try to maintain a sense of reality and that comes form the work, friends and family. I try and hold it together."

Press Lies:

Do Press intrusions into your private life upset you?
"I'm able to say, 'You know what? That's my area and I'd rather keep it that way."

So do you read many lies about yourself in the Press?
"Yes. Apparently I've never been educated and all I love to do is kiss women! It's a little bit odd. And many people think I'm rude 'cos sometimes I live in my own private world. I remember a report card which said, 'Orlando is a sweet child but he is always staring out at the window!' All I can do is let the work do the talking and make my choices based on the person I want to be and nothing else."

You've been working super-hard, making film after film. Isn't it time to kick back and relax?
"Yeah, I've been working a lot and it's very difficult. I feel like I need to take some time out- I'm really stretched. But the thought of not working and being at home in England and just going about the everyday life is a bit never-wracking. But I might do that after Troy. Finishing a film is an odd time because so much has been going on and then suddenly it isn't."


What's the hardest thing about being away on location?
"I've been going to locations which sometimes have been in the back of beyond and you don't get access to all the stuff you get at home."

So how do you unwind when you do get time to yourself?
"I catch up with my friends and family and I always go and visit my grandparents. When I'm not doing any work, I prefer to sit around and do nothing. Go to a beach. Go for a walk. The simple things have become more enjoyable."

What about your reputation for being a bit of a daredevil...
"I do some mad stuff every now and then but I don't look for it in the same way I used to. I don't want to die before I'm old any more!"

Orlando! Give us a snog!, Sneak (UK), July 22-28, 2003
typed by Sophie
scans from LiL PiPPi BLooM

The sexy star gets frisky with his fans

Orlando Bloom stunned waiting crowds last week by spending nearly an hour chatting to and kissing his fans outside the premiere of his new movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. The star was so keen to keep everyone happy that he even delayed the start of the film! Despite being boiling hot in his corduroy jacket, Orlando signed autographs, asked questions and planted quite a few smackers on his fans, before posing for shots with co-stat Keira Knightley. And Sneak collared Keira to get the answer to the only question on our lips: what's it like to snog Orli? At first she was coy and said, "Oh, a lady never kisses and tells!" But then she cheekily added, "Look at those lips! Let me tell you, he's got nothing to worry about in that department!" Grr-lucky girl!