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SPA Article from SPA magazine (Japan), March 2002
originally posted at OBmultimedia and translated by Naoko

Orlando Bloom

"Who is that beautiful guy with the blonde hair?"

It's Orlando Bloom who plays Legolas in the film "The Lord of the Rings", which is leading the field with 13 nominations in the race for the Academy Awards, and is now every women's darling.

This is his first acting debut in a motion picture. In the Lord of the Rings he has blond hair and moves gracefully like a cat. Not only did he receive lots of attention from movie fans but from Hollywood producers as well. In other words he has become a star.

Orlando: "Sorry, I'm dead beat because we had a nightlong party."

He appeared for the interview looking cheerfully, but I was like, "Your hair and your eyes are dark!?"

Orlando: "I wore a wig and contact lenses when filming. My appearance is different from Legolas in the film, so nobody notices me on the street."

I thought the noble Legolas was attractive, but the real Bloom is also beautiful. He never stayed still during the interview even though he said he's so exhausted.

Orlando: "The audition was so hot because almost all young actors in London went for it. So I tried to see how well I can do. The filming was like a physical test of endurance. It was hard but I kept going and tried to perform well."

How did he feel about his sudden popularity?

Orlando: "I don't feel so much that it is real because I, myself, haven't changed...I'm just very happy that there are more chances to get a job."

"People said that he has a photogenic face, but anyway, I was so surprised at his breakthrough. He is certainly a straight ahead handsome guy, he is very shy and a very nice guy," said Kokami Shoji, editor of the SPA magazine.

Orlando is a golden boy crashing at his friend's houses though he has gotten ahead in the world.