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An Armani-Elf Makes Career, Space View (Germany), Nov./Dec. 2002
translation and scan by Fiwen

That's what happened to the recently unknown actor Orlando Bloom, you can truly tell a quick career. He just needed a couple of weeks to rise from a drama school student into a superstar! As the blond elf Legolas, he became world famous and since then he can’t help getting offers. The 25 year old British remembers exactly the important moment: “I got this decisive call two days before my finishing at the Guildhall and because of my delight I just screamed through the entire quarter. Going, eight months in New Zealand, it doesn’t get better!”

Actually he ought to be cast as Faramir (Boromir's brother), but when director Peter Jackson saw him he just asked him if he would do an audition for Legolas. Orlando Bloom had to practise a lot for the role of the athletic elf warrior, who doesn’t just fight with a bow and arrow and daggers but also did dangerous riding scenes where he broke a rib. “We had filmed this scene five times. A lot of Orcs and Uruk-hai were around us. I sat on a back of a horse with Brett Beattie (stunt double of Gimli actor John Rhys-Davis) and the horse wouldn’t stop running. So I jumped off the horse, and unfortunately fell on a stone and Brett fell on top of me.” This experience reminded Orlando of bad memories. When he was 21, he fell off a friend's balcony – on the third floor. Therefore it was unknown for a few days if he would walk again. Since that experience, Orlando tries to live as fully as possible. Like the motto: “Any day could be the last.”

If he had some time off at the LOTR set he occupied himself with going on New Zealand’s snow-covered mountains for snow-boarding, or he choose to jump off bridges (of course with a bungee-rope) or out of airplanes (of course with a parachute). All that even though the producer Barrie Osborne had asked every actor to stay away from extreme sports. Orlando even was successful to convince Aragorn, actor Viggo Mortensen, to go surfing at Lyall Bay (New Zealand), even if he hadn’t surfed before. One day later Mortensen arrived at the Moria set with a enormous swelled face and the right eye looked like after a boxing match. On this day, just Aragorn’s left side of his face was filmed.

But no one was angry with Orlando for a long time. And at the end of the filming almost all of the main actors were convinced to another “blunder”. It was Orlando who had the idea that all fellowship members could get a tattoo of an elvish rune. Which was actually what was turned into reality.

At the moment the smart actor, which the costume designers lovingly called Armani-elf, hasn’t any time for a girlfriend; very bad for the female fans. “Through the filming of LOTR I had a brief relationship with a girlfriend but the distance was too far”, he told in an interview, “We broke up and now I’m a happy single.”

About having no offers the heartbreaker can’t complain. Since October 10th Orlando gave a good look to the bad parts of war in Ridley Scott’s movie “Black Hawk Down”. Besides, he has finished the filming for “The Kelly Gang” in Australia and at the moment in London he stands before the camera as “The Calcium Kid”. Soon, together with Johnny Depp, he will wave a saber in the Disney adventure “The Pirates Of Caribbean”. A very busy elf on the way to his glory.

Underneath the photo: No matter if it's snow boarding, bungee jumping or parachuting – Orlando likes extreme things.