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Orlando Bloom, Star Club (France), October 2003
translated by Eva, scans by Elodie

Your papers please:

Name: Bloom

First name: Orlando

Born: 13th January 1977

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Nickname: Orli, OB.

Family: his mother’s name is Sonia. Harry, his father died when he was 4. His sister Samantha (28) is also an actor.

His heart: he is with Kate Bosworth.

His favorite color: yellow

His favorite football team: Manchester United

Favorite sport: snowboarding and surfing

Particular signs: he speaks French, is vegetarian and has 3 tattoos

Discovered in the role of Legolas in the Lord of the rings trilogy, Orlando Bloom has become the idol of the young. Because he doesn’t stop shooting! Exclusive interview with the young british actor, star of Pirates des Caraïbes alongside Johnny Depp.

Star Club: Hi Orlando… In Pirates des Caraïbes, your fighting scenes are amazing! Was it risky to film?

Orlando Bloom: In general, when you handle a sword you always find you return with some scratches, but nothing serious! The fighting techniques are really difficult to learn, they were truly intimidating. When the stuntman showed us what we were supposed to do, we asked him if he wasn’t a little crazy… In spite of a killing heat, we had a lot of fun. Johnny Depp is so brilliant, he was improvising all the time. He invented a lot of crazy things like giving spankings! But the production didn’t integrate this into the final  scenes! (he laughs)

S.C.: There is murmuring that there could be a sequel?

O.B.: Indeed, the Disney studios made the stars of the movie sign for a possible sequel. In view of the success of the Pirates des Caraïbes, they already started discussions with the scriptwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.

S.C.: How are your relations with Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in the movie?

O.B.: My character, Will, grew up without any paternal figure. He is looking for a model of substitution. When Will and Jack find themselves side by side, Jack opens his eyes and shows him what it is to be a man! He taught him that it isn’t enough to follow blindly laws that make no sense, but that a man has to make his own decisions and assume the risks!

S.C. : How was it to work with Johnny Depp?

O.B. : As a young actor, Johnny is an example for me… He is really humble and absolutely not show-biz… I felt very privileged to work with him and to see how he creates new characters. He taught me a lot.

S.C.: When you were a child, were you a fan of action movies, did you have idols?

O.B. : Yes, more so, TV was showing pirate films on Sunday afternoons. I was always watching them as soon as I was back from the park… I admired actors like Errol Flynn!

S.C. : Do you have a favourite movie?

O.B. : Yes, it’s Stand by me! But I appreciate Amélie Poulain a lot and l’Arnaqueur.

S.C.: What gave you the idea to do this job?

O.B.: When I was a child, I was fascinated and attracted by people with high character, whether they were fictitious or real… I wanted to rise to their level, to be like them. And the best way to reach that, isn’t it to be an actor? But I don’t want to play only nice heroes! I want to be able to play more complex roles in the future…

S.C.: With one movie, you became the idol of a generation! How do you live with it?

O.B. : I'm not getting a big head. I feel very lucky. I came to the audition for the modest role of Faramir but Peter Jackson, chose me to play Legolas. I never had the ambition of becoming famous. I just want to perfect myself as an actor, work with great film-makers, give life to good scripts and work with actors that I respect, that’s what’s makes me run. When things go very well, you have to deal with celebrity. That’s what’s happening to me at the moment…