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Fine Man, from Starstyle (The Netherlands), October 2002
Translated by Angel

Orli, which is what his friends call him. People, who are Lord of the Rings fans, know that we are talking about prince Legolas. This is the British actor Orlando Bloom. Although he only has got a few lines as a sexy elf, this part has given him an international reputation. Suddenly you see his name everywhere. And the American Teen People Magazine chose him as 'Hottest star under 25'. Admit it, Mr. Bloom is not to despise.

A great thing is that Lord of the Rings is a trilogy: so there will be two more parts where you can check him out. In real life the longhaired blond elf is a sportive dark haired boy. And single too. If Orlando should ever have to put out a personal ad, then the content should be like music to your ears.

What do you think about this: 'Young actor, single, living in Notting Hill. In possession of a cute dog called Maude. Favourite movie: Amelie, sportive and a pleasure lover.' Bloom says that he is a fan of Johnny Depp, and kind of looks like him too. Only younger and in my opinion, Cuter!