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Orlando's Mother Blooms With Pride, stuff.co.nz, December 3, 2003

Among the crowds cheering for Lord of the Rings hunk Orlando Bloom on Monday was his biggest fan his mother.

Sonia Copeland-Bloom said the premiere was the "best day of my life. It was absolutely incredible. There was such a fantastic atmosphere. I felt quite emotional about it."

Mrs Copeland-Bloom was surprised and delighted to be dragged into the thick of the hype when actors Sean Astin and John Rhys-Davies asked her to sit in their convertible during Monday's parade through central Wellington.

Fans even asked her to sign autographs. "I signed `Orlando's mum'".

She struggled to keep up with late-night partying after the premiere and returned to her hotel at 2.30am, when Bloom and other cast members headed into town.

Her son's road to success had been "mind-blowing", Mrs Copeland-Bloom said.

"It almost took our breath away. We had no idea how successful Lord of the Rings (would be). We knew it was a wonderful opportunity and he was terribly excited about coming to New Zealand.

"Peter Jackson is Orlando's hero and mentor. It was incredible luck having him as the first director to work under.

"He's got a wonderful part in Ridley Scott's new film Kingdom of Heaven. He's got a lead part in it. They say it is going to be bigger than Gladiator.

"It's a huge responsibility for someone so young."

Mrs Copeland-Bloom said she had really enjoyed meeting Peter Jackson.

"For us to know him has been an absolute privilege.

"He's so laid back and so friendly with no ego at all. He just gets on with the job. He's also got a great sense of humour."

While Mrs Copeland-Bloom was the only "cast mother" at Monday's premiere, she said she had met Johnny Depp's mother at the premiere for another of Orlando's films, Pirates of the Caribbean.

She was grateful to her son for inviting her to the glamorous events. "He's very generous. When he says `Mum, do you want to come?' Do you think I'd say no?".

She said Bloom's schedule was so hectic at the moment that attending the premieres was one of the only ways she could snatch some time with her son. They had enjoyed spending time in Auckland recently and taking early-morning walks.

Mrs Copeland-Bloom, who is based in Kent, left Wellington yesterday to attend the Los Angeles premiere with her son.