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I can't Believe I'm a Beanie!, Sugar (UK), September 2003
typed by Niki

Hasnít Orlando Bloom looked in a mirror lately? We sat him down for a natter to see what other surprises he could spring on us..

Orlando, things are going so well for you! How does it feel to be a Hollywood hottie?

I still canít believe it! Itís a weird time for me right now, and Iím still trying to figure it all out. All Iíve ever wanted to do is work though, so I feel really lucky for the opportunity to do so!


Does the whole movie star thing overwhelm you?

Yeah, totally, all the time! But the hardest thing is when you start to live the dream, Ďcause itís not quite what you expect it to be! Thereís so much media attention that comes with it, and it can be really over whelming. I suppose it takes some adjusting.


Whatís it like being a beanie?

Whatís that?


A gorge guy!

Yíknow what, Iíve only just realised Iíve got heartthrob status! Itís weird and I hope it wonít get in the way of me making the right choices over films I appear in. but I think you sometimes have to get used to being popular for your looks, just to get to do the movies you want to do.


And we bet it doesnít hurt your chances with the laydees, either? Weíve gotta ask, are you dating Blue Crush babe Kate Bosworth?

Thatís some thing that I wonít talk about. There are some areas in my life where I have to say, ďOk, I can talk about this because itís work,Ē but the rest of it isnít really stuff I want to talk about.


Aww! But you must get excited working with so many lovely gals?

Do I feel grateful to be around beautiful girls? Of course I do! Iím a guy. All guys love gorgeous girls, and I get to work with Diane Kruger in Troy, and with Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett in Rings, itís great!


Your next movie P.O.T.Cis out this month. What was it like playing a pirate?

I canít give too much away, but my character starts off as a blacksmith and then teams up with Johnny Depp whoís like a real deal pirate Ė completely cool and roguish! Iím sort of a pirate whoís not a pirate.


Youíre looking pretty fit in more ways than one! Did you have to work out for the role?

Iíd just finished a British comedy called The Calcium Kid in which I play a boxer, so I was in pretty good shape. Itís not like I was meant to be muscle man or anything for this, but it helped to be fit Ė just to maintain the stamina for four or five months of shooting.


Youíve worked with some big names Ė are they role models?

Johnny Deppís so modest, he was very inspirational. And itís the same with Brad [Pitt] actually. Iím working with him in Troy. Theyíre similar like that, very gracious.


Have you been doing any more work on L.O.T.R: R.O.T.K?

Yes- weíd already shot most of it, but I went back to New Zealand to do a bit more material Ďcause the director wanted to expand the scenes with Legolas. In the first movie there was these little running movements over the back of the cave troll, and in the second I was sliding down the stairs. He had a great idea where we combine all that stuff for the third movie Ė itís a great moment for me and for the film, and I think youíll enjoy it.


Are there are a lot of similarities with L.O.T.R, P.O.T.C and Troy?

Well, theyíre al big movies! But each of the films are completely different and you canít really compare them.


So whaddya do when youíre not filming?

I donít get much time off, but when I do I just try to hand out with my friends and family. You realise when youíre away all the time how important it is to spend time with them. Iím so busy on set that I miss going to the cinema and watching vids Ėsuch as my fave all time films Monty Python and Stand By Me! I also miss hearing new music- so I try to catch up on stuff that Iíve missed out on, especially anything by Radiohead, Jamiroquai and REM.


Weíd probably all faint if we saw you shopping in Sainsburyís but how often do you get recognised?

I get stopped now and again. Some people say, ďyouíre that elf dude right?Ē itís still weird when it happens though, - so I like the anonymity thatís come with the long blonde look in L.O.T.R! Iíve got all the fun of being in a big movie without any of the attention!