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"I would die for a girl", Sugar (Germany), September 2003
scanned and translated by Conny

Orlando Bloom gives an exclusive Sugar-interview: The "Lord Of The Rings" star tells us about "Pirates Of The Caribbean", fan mail and his sense of romance.

S: Hi Orlando! You're one of the 100 sexiest boys in the recent Sugar magazine - and you're very likely to be within the top ten. Does that flatter you?

O: (looks on the ground embarrassed) Very much so! But I try not to take it too seriously and just do my job. And that is being an actor, not a heart-throb.

S: Are you often recognised when you're on the street?

O: More frequently now. Not only in my home England, but also in America and Australia. People start talking behind my back before daring to ask me for an autograph.

S: You must get tons of fan mail. Do you reply to them?

O: Right now I get 200 letters each week and I try really hard to deal with all of them. But it takes a bit of time sometimes.

S: What kind of letters are those?

O: There are fans who make things, draw or send presents to me. And then there are those who write a short letter, put them into an envelope and that's it. Those are the letters I reply to first... (he winks with his right eye)

S: Johnny Depp has always been your favourite actor. What was your reaction when you were offered a part next to Johnny in "Pirates Of The Caribbean"?

O: I couldn't believe that I was about to work with my hero Johnny at first! I would have played in any other movie with him, but the extra is that "Pirates Of The Caribbean" is a pirate movie. And when I was a kid I used to play pirate in our garden.

S: Do you have a favourite scene in the movie?

O: (he rolls his eyes) That's a difficult question - there are so many good scenes! Like the sword fighting scene between Johnny and me. It took terribly long to get it in the can. But it was all worth it.

S: How did you prepare for the role?

O: Fist of all I got every kind of book about pirates. Then I had to learn how to handle a sword. And I can tell you: That was a lot harder then archery in "The Lord Of The Rings".

S: That shouldn't have been that much of a problem for such an athletic guy like you, right?

O: I had a lot of fun, but after all the injuries I've had so far I have to take better care of myself.

S: What injuries do you mean?

O: There have been many: I've broken my arm, a finger, my nose, ribs, a toe, my ankle, both legs and I've even cracked my skull 3 times. Those were mostly accidents that happened to me during sports.

S: And up to now everything turned out okay again?

O: There was just one thing that has changed my life: When I was 21 I fell down 3 stories from the roof of a house. I couldn't move and had to be taken to hospital with a broken back immediately. The doctors said that I would be confined to a wheelchair. But 4 days later I was able to walk again. Since that I appreciate life and my health a lot more than before.

S: You play a hero who is willing to lose his life for the girl he loves. Are you a romantic in private life, too?

O: I try to. And when I'm in love with a girl, I'd also die for her.

S: What does romance mean to you?

O: Politeness, openness and making my girlfriend feel that she's someone really special.

S: What was the wildest rumour you've read about yourself?

O: That I would accept a role if I could kiss a girl in the movie. That's just ridiculous! I've never said that!

S: Shall we correct that?

O: No, rather not. I like secrets. (he laughs)

S: Too late!